b"bathroomsdesignersAnnabelBerryandMeghanNockelsofNeed Inspiration Design Federation to help bring out the best bits of the original home.The intention of the design was to combine thefor your Unique historical cottage look with a coastal beach feel, says Annabel.WehadtwositevisitstoKakanuiBeachandBathroom?Campbells Bay to review the main colour cues that inspired our palette. Using the Resene Colour Palette Generatortool,wewereabletoseefromour photographs what paint colours we could use that were directly generated from our surroundings.In the bathroom, they went with classic Resene Duck Egg Blue on the walls complemented with crispNEW ReseneHalfBlackWhitepanellingwhileResene Eighth Parchment was used for the doors, architravesCATALOGUE!and ceiling. The old claw foot bath was original to the280 pages home and was restored by a car painter in Oamaru; itof bathroom has since become a crown jewel of the home.Over in Waiuku, Jane Thorne and her husband PimproductsSlagman became enamoured with a century old villa and the couple have been working hard on it evertop tips for freestanding tubssince they bought it in 2015. They knew that theyDeepandluxurious,freestandingtubsfeeltimelessinany wanted to embrace the age of the home while stickingbathroom. But, before you purchase one, make sure youve taken to a very tight budget. For them, it meant that most ofthese considerations into account:the restorative labour fell to their shoulders. Be sure your bathroom is big enough to accommodate one. The hours and hours of sanding were one of theFreestanding baths tend to take up more room than built-in biggest challenges, but it was worth it to get themodels and need space between them and the wall. The perfect paint finish, says Jane. plumbing and tapware will also take up extra room and will be keeping upWhen they began work on the bathroom, Janemore visible than it would be with a built-in. clean beneath it. appearances discovered the original tub when she found its tapsIf you opt for a footed tub, youll need tobe tough to poking out of the wall. It had been completely boxedEven freestanding tubs that sit flush on the floor will leave a in by previous owners. gap between the wall and the bath that may Curiosity got the better of me and I decided toreach when cleaning. But, if you have space to place it in the see what was underneath and began to dismantle thecentre of the room, it can actually make cleaning easier.structure. I barely slept that night as I was so excited toYour bathroom floor needs to be strong enough to support discover an enormous claw foot bath underneath! not just the weight of the tub you choose, but the weight A pair of heritage bathroomsIt was in terrible condition, with rust around thewhen its filled with water and has someone sitting inside. This really clean up. drain and rough, peeling paint all over. We had itis particularly important if you are putting a tub on the second restored to its former glory by a bath resurfacer andfloor of your home as the floor may need to be reinforced first.Resene Eighth R efurbishing a heritage bathroom is a labour ofwe couldn't be happier with the work.softpastelsMake sure you have a place to store soap thatll still be withinContact us for your Parchment love, and not one for the faint of heart. But forJanesaysshewasinspiredbythereach when youre in the bath.Resene Quarterthose with a passion for restoring older spacespopular in the 1950s, which became the basis of her Villa White back to their original beauty, and an inspired colourbathroom palette. She selected Resene Half Pale Roseimages Rachel Wybrow, www.rachelwybrowphotography.com; Resene HalfFREE CATALOGUE Black White palette to back it up, the results can be sensational. for the walls with Resene Quarter Villa White for theJessica Gernat, www.jessicachloe.comLucky for a beachside cottage in Oamaru and a villatongue-and-groovepanelling,ceiling,trimsanddesigner (blue bathroom) Annabel Berry and Meghan Nockels,0800 001478 or info@plumbline.co.nzin Waiuku, they each found new owners keen to bringarchitraves. For the tub, they chose buttery Resene PaleDesign Federation, www.designfederation.co.nzAbove: The colours ofthem back to life. Prim and Resene White for the feet.nearby Kakanui BeachThe former has a rich history as one of the oldestToPim,thenewlyrestoredbathroomisgrand,Resene Resene HalfResene inspired the palette intimberhousesintheNorthOtagoarea,onethatspacious and classic with a nod to its heritage. ForPale Prim Pale Rose Whitethis renovation. Thedates all the way back to 1872. Given its age, theJane, the space feels tranquil and has become her tongue-and-grooveAbove: Inspired by the colours of the 1950s, Jane and Pim panelling is painted inhomeownerswerefacedwithabigdecision:tofavourite room in the house.The Plumbline collection is available from all leading Resene Half Blackrenovate or start from scratch with a new build. Theychose Resene Half Pale Rose for their bathroom walls andbathroom showrooms nationwideWhite beneath walls inResene Quarter Villa White to refresh the original tongue-began drawing up concepts for a new home thatDo you have a photo that inspires you? and-groove panelling, ceiling and trims. The outside of the Resene Duck Egg Blue.would have character features but they kept beingLoad it into the free online Resene Colourrestored tub is finished in Resene Pale Prim and the feet are inVisit our showrooms:The ceiling, architravesPalette Generator and it will suggest a palette ofResene White.and door are in Resenedrawn back to their original home and what could beResene colours to help you get started. Try it out Resene AUCKLAND: Newmarket 09 526 0136Eighth Parchment. done to refurbish the existing property. They turned toat www.resene.com/palettegenerator. Duck Egg Blue WELLINGTON: Grenada Village 04 568 9898or find us at plumbline.co.nz66"