b'alternative solutionemerald anchored elegancea warm, welcoming and woodsy space to entertainDesigner Amy Moore suggests this alternative scheme: I have given this dining space an organic feel through the use of green and timber while the angular forms of the white wire chairs give it a bit of an industrial edge. The stunning artwork draws your eye to the back of the room where it can continue on through the open shelving to the kitchen beyond, but it also brings the colour continuity of the Resene Quarter Rice Cake ceiling and adjacent walls on to the feature wall while furthering the nature theme. Where a visually solid table could dominate, a glass topped version creates a feeling of spaciousness. The large bubble pendant adds an element of drama when dining while tying together the mid-century modern details of the lounge chairs, table and accessories into one cohesive package.web www.roamgetaways.co.nzResene DellTeak Platter with HandleAnnabelleswww.annabelles.nz09 360 0044Resene Turtle GreenWallace Chair Resene Colorwood TeakFrench Country Collectionswww.frenchcountry.co.nz 0800 503 500before Hand Woven RugCittwww.cittadesign.com Nebula Art09 630 6177 ReseneRuna and HollyTwilight Zone www.runaandholly.comResene Above: A bold colour goes a long way when used well. A verdant feature wall inillustrationQuarter BiancaResene Dell defines this delicious dining room, filling it with colourful character. ItsMalcolm Whiteflanked by adjacent walls and a ceiling in Resene Quarter Rice Cake while Resene Colorwood Teak brings warmth to the timber floor and wall. Choosing soft furnishings that match your wall colour helps them recede and create a greater sense of visual space. Lamp from Mr Ralph, throw and cushion from French Country Collections, curtains from Little & Fox, side table from Citt.Arco Dining Table Roundtop tip Freedom FurnitureResene Colorwood stains rejuvenate and enhance the natural beauty ofwww.freedomfurniture.co.nzResene Quartertimber indoors. Use Resene Aquaclear on walls and Resene Qristal ClearFloor0800 469 327Rice Cake on floors to keep them protected and looking great for years to come.26 27'