b'bright ideasResene WoodsmanPitch Blackstreet style Resene Woodsman NaturalColour works wonders to enhance curb appeal.Revival of a classicArchitectDavidMcBrideselectedthecolour scheme for this two-storey Timaru home, which was originally designed in 1905 by James Turnbullone of the original fellows of the New Zealand Institute of Architects. Sympathetic to the original design,thenewschemeboastsmainwallsinContrast is keyResene Heathered Grey, timber trim in Resene MilkBlack and deep grey finished exteriors give your home a smart urban look. Or, A point of difference White,timbershinglesinReseneLumbersiderwhen teamed with white trims and a classic gable profile, they take on an Weve been seeing more and more pops of colourtinted to Resene Quasar, roof trims in Resene Caveappealing rustic country look. The cladding, retaining walls and fencing on this beingaddedtoexteriors,introducingrefreshingRock and foundations in Resene Mondo. Resenehome, designed by JWA Architects, are stained in Resene Woodsman Pitch Black creativityandcurbappealamongoceansofQuasarisfromanoldercolourcollection,trytimber stain with Resene Woodsman Natural timber stain used for contrast on the neutralweatherboards.OnthisexteriorbyTohuResene Gold Coast for a current alternative. vertical cedar fins and soffits.Architecture, a single panel of cladding painted inReseneElementReseneAyersRockdefinesthisotherwiseblackResene Resene facade. The rest of the cladding is painted ReseneQuasar Heathered GreyAll Black. ReseneResene Cave Rock Milk WhiteReseneResene Resene ReseneAyers Rock All Black Mondo Gold CoastIts all about the detailsHomeowner Lizzie Cook went for weatherboards in Welcome visitors with a customised doormat. Resene Mariner with trims, window frames, ledges and posts in Resene Drover (Resene Drover is from We painted a house on ours using a testpot of Resenean older colour collection, try Resene Mellow Yellow Tuna. Download the pattern to make your own atfor a current alternative). But, its Resene Gold Drop www.habitatbyresene.com/news/diy-door-mat. details that put her home into a whole new curb appeal league. Her door in Resene Guardsman Red is the icing on the cake.Sunny side out Resene ReseneResene A cheerful greeting to those who enter, this door isTurbo Mariner Gold Droppainted Resene Turbo. The weatherboard claddingResene Resene ReseneTriple Concreteis painted Resene Triple Concrete, the trim is inDrover Guardsman RedResene Black White, the bench and large plant potResene ReseneBlack White Mellow Yelloware in Resene Nocturnal, the small plant pot is inReseneReseneSilverChalice,thehousenumbersareNocturnal Fencing and filigreepainted Resene Nocturnal and the deck is stained inResene HomeownersGarethandKaygavetheirVictorianvillainReseneReseneWoodsmanMidGreywash.LightfixtureSilver Chalice Soldiers Hill a complete refresh with weatherboards and fenceSurrenderfrom Lighting Direct, custom cushion by Nes Design. Resene Woodsman posts in Resene Surrender and trims and pickets in ReseneReseneMid Greywash Alabaster. We especially love their Resene Disco front doorAlabasterstyling Vanessa Nouwens and their choice to paint the fence posts a contrasting colourReseneimages Gareth Aplin, Nicki Bell, Bryce Carleton, from the rest of the pickets, though its their filigree trimmedDiscoAnjie Connon, Simon Devitt, Sharni Dysart, David McBride awning that were particular envious of. 30 31'