b'colourful personI ts been ten years now since British born artist andLeft: Maxs first leap sculptor Max Patt arrived on New Zealands shores,into technology and withagoaloftravellingtheworldtobroadenhiscolour began with his horizons,findfreshinspirationandgainexposuretobody of work titled newplaces,culturesandpractices.AgraduateoftheThe Infinity Works.Wimbledon School of Art, he brought with him years ofOpposite: In The training in anatomy and sculpture, a resume full of jobs inDroplet Series, Max the London film industry and experience as an Associate ofdeep dives into the technology world, the Royal Society of British Sculptors. concentrating on What he didnt know at the time was that, a decadecolour and space. The later,hisworkwouldbeworld-renownedandhavesuccessful artist usesattracted a star-studded host of high-profile clients, witha variety of Resene Sir Ian McKellen, Peter Jackson and Steven Fry includedcolours to capture among their ranks.consumer perception Today, Max lives in Wellington with his family, the sameof digital imagery.city that houses his iconic waterfront sculpture, Solace intookthisconceptandmanifestedworksinmystudio the Windwhich many consider to be his breakthroughusing the technology I have at my fingertips, he explains. work that catapulted his career into the artistic stratosphere.Theendresultisavisualsculpturecomprisedofa a newHe is also well recognised for his larger-than-life cast ironmultitudeofcolours,eachonerestinginaperfectResene paints arehorses, The Frolic and the Fancy, which stand magnificentlyspherical mass. While the droplets could be mistaken as at the Hills Golf Club & Sculpture Park in Queenstown.one dimensional, the surrounding negative space enables Inspiredbynature,hissculpturescapturethedeepasphericalqualitythatsreminiscentofraindropson age ofshadows created as the sun dips below the horizon. Buta window. ofhistoResenesextensivecollectiontoa popular choiceafter working for years with clay and metal, he has sinceMaxturned altered his course to more colourful territory with a greatersuccessfully capture the break-down of colour he neededfor many artists.focus on lightworks and paint. Now, the bulk of his moreto accomplishgoal. It was a process that required aSee the online recent portfolio relies on a spectrum of Resene paint to helpgreat dealexperimentation and research and, in theResene Artist Gallery him create an eye-catching array of visually graphic pieces. end, he purchased 250 different Resene testpots to achieveat www.resene.com/While Maxs previous collection titled The Infinity Worksthe desired effect.artistgallery andthe Resene Mural concentrated on colour, shape, light and space, his currentOf course, few people ever see or understand theseMasterpieces gallery body of work, The Droplet Series, is an extension of thislengthyprocesses.Itsalwaysnicetotalktopotentialat www.resene.com/idea. Inspired by the growing technological world, its ancollectorswhovisitthestudio.Itgivesthemabettermuralgallery foraptly named collection as each painting is made up ofunderstandingofafinishedpieceandhelpsformaa taste of many drops of circular shapes using bold Resene paint colours.connection between them and the work, Max explains.projects createdMax says his art is influenced by how the consumerThe Droplet Series is now part of Maxs private collectionwith Resene paints perceives images through apps and social media, and thebased in his Wellington studio which can be visited by theand colours.visual glitches that can occur when an image fails to load.general public. Max says he is looking forward to the endTo see more ofThe image is then broken down into colour components,of the year and 2020, when he gets to flex his creativeMaxs work, visit lacking the detail of the original imagethus rendering themuscles once more. www.maxpatte.com.content incomprehensible. Its going to be busy, thats for sure, Max reveals. Iwantedtofocusonareaswithmorepunch,ButIhavesomereallyexcitingandquitedifferentReseneconcentrating on bolder and more saturated colours. So, Iworks planned.Pink LaceMaxs favourite colours Max says his clients are often big fans of the names of ReseneResenepaints, but his favourite colours are those that he often findsPicton Bluereoccurring in his work.ReseneI love Resene Broom, Resene Picton Blue, Resene HomeHome RunRun and Resene Pink Lace. Pink is a tricky one. I have a workReseneBroomin mind that would require a huge amount of variation in pinks from very subtle pastel, bordering on creamy pinks through to bright, almost luminous pinks that could add aLeft: World-real punch, Max explains.renowned artist He says that he has learned a great deal from talking toMax Patt lives in Artist Max Patt deconstructs technology ResenetechniciansandunderstandingthatthiscolourWellington withto capture a world of colour. variation is possible.his family.42 43'