b"TM top tip paint it rightClean up concrete pathsChoose the right Resene and driveways with Architecture & Driven to create surfaces that make a living Resene Deep Clean.colours and paints for the job.environment durable, feel and look good to Simply spray it on and leave it to work with live in, we believe the tactile nature of Mother Nature to slowly plaster cladding is unrivaled. clean up your exterior Craftsmanship The construction process contains many facets surfaces for you.which when combined, and applied accuratelymake for a shining, and durable example of theconstruction process - from the clients needs, theArchitecture, through to the selection ofproducts, and the professional trades peoplethat apply their skills.conscientious colourAt Resene Construction Systems we only Stephanie was committed to her vision of a natural home, both in promote tested & trusted products, solutions and the colours and the materials used. practice for each and every project we work on. Look to the Environmental Choice approved range of Resene paints to help you minimise odour and VOCs Visit our website to discover more about our in your home, including Resene exciting range of facade systems, bespoke Zylone Sheen Zero with no added VOCs. In wet areas use the Resene interior nishes, and construction products. Kitchen & Bathroom range with anti-bacterial silver protection and added mould protection with MoulDefender.style tip Steal someReseneinspiration fromThumbs Upthe accent colours in Stephanies bedroom by painting furnitureReseneand accessories inSalsathese on trend The finished result is such a perfect home for me,Resenecolours from the says Stephanie. Everything was chosen for a reason,Merino Resene The RangeReseneeverything has a story and a place, especially in thoseResene Eighthfashion coloursPortermaterialsandobjectssalvagedfromthedamagedSpanish White fandeck.house. And I love how the light changes all the coloursResene depending on the time of day.Secrets get the lookResene WB WoodsmanFor a different spin on the exterior Above: After Stephanies home was destroyed byPitch Black look, use Resene Lumbersider for a the Christchurch earthquakes, she decided toResenelow sheen finish, Resene Sonyx 101 rebuild. Her new home is a combination of oldLongitude for a semi-gloss finish or Resene meets new with a colour palette inspired by theReseneHi-Glo for a high gloss finish on natural beauty of Christchurch. The exterior wallsNorway your cladding, tinted to Resene are clad in Integra Lightweight Concrete FacadeReseneMerino and Resene Lustacryl with a Rockcote Cerano finish. The pergola posts Scoria semi-gloss or Resene Enamacryl are stained in Resene Waterborne Woodsman gloss in Resene Scoria for Pitch Black.contrasting accents. For a natural looking finish on exterior timber, choose a Resene Waterborne architect Don Jamieson Architecture Ltd Woodsman timber stain colour closest www.donjamieson.co.nz images Dennis Radermacherto your timber colour. This will help designer Joshua Dubbeld www.lightforge.co.nz protect the timber and keep it looking good.turn the page for alternativeINTEGRA lightweight concrete over Architect : O'Neil Architecture Resenecavity w Rockcote coloured plaster Plasterer: Properly Plastered looks for this homes dining room. Ashantinish in Resene Black White Builder: JTM Construction25"