b'editorialIts ti me to relax, leanwelcomeback and wind down. It seems that, in many facets of our lives, we are making do with lessless time, less space, less money.Ivelongbeenabelieveroftheadagepressuremakes diamonds, that in situations where our resources are squeezed, the challenge to do what we can with what we have can push us to achieve unexpectedly dazzling results. When applied to decorating, these constraints can force a shift in perspective. Looking at a problem with fresh eyes can help us recognise that the best solution to the design dilemma at hand may not require buying something new. The perfect piece to tie together your space may, in fact, be one you already own. Or, it could be sitting in an op shop or a friends garage, just waiting to be reinvented and given new purpose.In this issue, weve focused on returning back to our resourceful roots and number 8 wire mentality, showcasing the ingenuity of a host of clever homeowners, designers, architects and stylists with plenty of ideas that you can apply to your own home.Youll also see a couple of remarkable renovations and small spaces that have made brilliant use of the limited area availableThree of my favourite colourskand worked wonders with it. Whether youve got room to sparefrom the current fashion fandecor if you have to milk every square metre, there is a lot that can be learned from their savvy solutions that will help you make the mostReseneof your next decorating project. SmoulderHappy reading!Laura Lynn Johnston editor ReseneHiveResene ReseneDespacito Candy FlossOne small step in a new direction is all it takes to step out of yourLook to colours that play up who you are. Think fresh yellows We all need some personal space aside from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Simply putting your feet up andcomfort zone. and bright blues for optimism, deep purples and reds for drama, having some you ti me has an incredible e ect on reducing everyday stress and letting you recharge. Craft ing comfortWe often see our customers agonising over which white orweatheredbluesandgreysforlaidbacktherearecolour in Norway since 1934 has taught us that comfort is a highly personal experience so many of our recliners come inneutral paint colour or which plain wallpaper to choose, yet thosecombinations to suit all personalities.three di erent sizes, which means you cannd your perfecttthats what sets Stressless apart. choosing bright colours and bold wallpapers often make quickEven if youre opting for a plain exterior, always remember to decisions and seem so sure of their colour and wallpaper choices.add a little personalitywith a colourful front door, painted plant Whats their secret? It all comes down to confidence. pots or a bold or interesting letterbox. Even small touches of colour Many of us have a tendency to worry about what others mightwill elevate your home and help lift your mood when you come in think about our decorating colour choices. That might make senseafter a busy day.on the outside of our homes where anyone passing by can seeNext time youre struggling to choose between two colours or what has been done, but when you think about it, so few peoplewallpapers, be brave and pick the bolder or riskier one. It might be actually see the inside of our homes. Of those that come in, thejust what you need to get you on the pathway to enjoying a more ones that matter are those who already know us and are unlikelycolourful life.STRESSLESS STUDIOS NZ DISTRIBUTOR to be surprised by whatever we choose.Happy decorating! the Resene teamDANSKE MBLER:AUCKLANDHAMILTONTAUPOHASTINGSPALMERSTON NORTHLOWER HUTTWhangarei Fabers Furnishings Whiti anga Fagans Furniture Tauranga Greerton Furnishings Gisborne Fenns Napier Danks FurnishersReseneNew Plymouth Cleggs Furniture Court Wanganui Wanganui Furnishers Masterton Bryans Furniture Paraparaumu Paulas Home & LivingTwisted SisterBlenheim & Nelson Lynfords Furnishings Christchurch D.A. LewisMcKenzie & Willis Ashburton Redmonds Furnishing & Flooring Timaru Living with Style Dunedin McKenzie & Willis Queenstown & Invercargill H & J Smithwww.stressless.co.nz Furniture for living3'