b'tips and tricksOpposite and below: Areas that younger kids will use for more imaginativescheme that may have been created throughout their play can transition to a hangout or study space in their older years. Wall inhome. However, there is usually a sense of continuity Resene Bone, floor in Resene Blanc, bedframe in Resene Cashmere, toy chestthat already connects the rest of the home to thesetop tipin Resene Santa Fe, cane chair and lipped shelves in Resene Kalgoorie Sands,childrens rooms, says Sylvia. Opting for a mattestools and hooks in Resene Moccasin and pendant lamp, mirror, lippedShepointsoutthatyourhomelikelyalreadyfinish, such as Resene shelves, bedside table and play table in Resene Just Dance. Testpots in Resene Moccasin, Resene Just Dance, Resene Twilight, Resene Santa Fe,hasthesameskirting,architraves,doorsandSpaceCote Flat,Resene Apache, Resene Sorbet and Resene Kalgoorie Sands were used tohardware throughout. can help maskpaint the round artwork, banner and wooden boxes to match the rest of theSo paint becomes a real friend in kids spacesimperfections inscheme. House-shaped bed frame from Mocka, tea set and camel from Littlebecause of its ease of application and the changeolder walls.Whimsy, sunset cushion and mustard throw from Shut the Front Door. it affords.When making the move from an all-neutral room, adding a new wall colour doesnt mean that it has to be everywhere, she says. One or two walls or the paint wrapped round at dado height can be all that is needed.Often, a second opinion is invaluable at this stage for picking the right paint colours that will change the space to make it truly theirs. It is fun to have your childs involvement too, and taking them for a visit to a Resene ColorShop can be of great benefit. Start with small projects and look for ways your kids can help out.Framingyourchildsartworkisanotherwayto brighten things up with minimal change to the rooms main decor. When you and your child have agreed on a colour scheme, pick up a few Resene testpots in coloursthatcoordinatewiththeirwalls,floor, furnishingsandbeddingandletthempaintup something especially for their space.Flexible furniture, either in its ability to transform fromonethingtoanotherorforitsmulti-tasking qualities, can also be a great investment during this phase. When your child has grown out of their cot, wooden bunk beds are perfect for freeing up floorPick up a few Resene testpotsspaceandcanbepaintedtosuityourchildsin coordinating colours and let yourpersonality. As your child gets older, simply lose thechild decorate under bed storage boxesbottom bunk and add a study nook underneath theor create artwork to suit their scheme.Resene While all rooms should be repainted frequently totop bunk.Moccasin re-energise them and freshen them, the work you putChildren love their privacy, too, and often enjoy Resene in at the beginning will stand you in good stead. having their own hideout. Bunks can easily convertmarks. To steer clear of holes altogether, paint Resenenew one. At this stage, the focus will return to you Sante Fe When it comes to furniture, the nursery stage is ainto forts with a few blankets and boxes. And in theMagnetic Magic under Resene SpaceCote Low Sheenand your needs. ReseneResene greattimetotakeiteasy,butonceyouhitthetransition to a teenage bedroom, they will probablytinted to the same colour as the rest of your walls andWhat you might not have anticipated is that it canBlancKalgoorie Sandsincredible yearsages three to sixand beyond,appreciate that privacy all the more. your teen can hang notes, posters or artworkandbeemotionallydifficulttomakechangestoyour ReseneTwilight you can start to get creative. Upcycling old furnitureeven write on it with chalk. Simply use a damp cloth toteens bedroom after they leave home. But, if youve such as painting an old set of drawers in brighterThe move to maturity wipe it clean. Or, finish your wall colour in Reseneplanned for that in advance of their departure, youReseneReseneJust Dance colours,orevenjusttheirhandles,caninstantlyIn the teenage years, it becomes especially importantWrite-on Wall Paint for a coloured whiteboard finishmight be able to redesign the space in a way that willBoneResene transform a room. that bedrooms reflect identity and interests. and your teen can use whiteboard markers to write onmake it easy to give it new purpose after theyre gone. Apache At this age, there will likely be requests for moretheir wall. Painting a colour block headboard behind their bed, Outgrowing the cot colour on the walls and possibly the ceilings, saysTo get your teen organised, incorporate shelving.for instance, could become a clever way to define your ReseneAs your childs personality develops, their room canSylvia. If it is a room where a lot of time is going toWooden crates are easy to stack and dont take upwork space once the room becomes your home office. Cashmerebecome more of a reflection of their individuality andbe spent, the atmosphere will be important. A startingtoo much room, while box or honeycomb shelvesChoosingmultifunctionalfurniturewhenyoure tastes. Themes are a really fun way to define a kidspoint such as new bedlinen, a wonderful rug, a hobbymake a fun DIY painting project and can be arrangedrefurnishing the room will also help you to make the space. Try to pick things that theyll likely enjoy for aor interest may steer a scheme. in different patterns on the wall. Picking somethingmost of your reclaimed room, especially if the spaceResenefew years rather than just the flavour of the month.Creative ideas such as hand-painted stripes or ain a solid, classic shape means you can hang on towill likely be used for more than one purpose. If yourSorbetSometimes more generic themes will work better thancreative wall mural can be restricted to one wall tothem once your teen moves outand give them ateen has taken off with their bed, consider replacing it onesbasedonpop-culture.LookbeyondTVandadd personality while keeping things from getting outpick-me-up with new paint colours. with a fold-out couch. That way, the space can still movies to imaginative worlds of jungles, deserts, sea,of hand. Adding a large mirror can help throw the sizeserve as a spare bedroom when company comes over space, animals or royalty for inspiration. so that it will seem bigger to your teen. Reclaiming the room but do double-duty as an office or library. Alternatively, Its sometimes hard for families to allow childrensPhoto and pin boards are popular with teens andWhen your child leaves home, youll be reverting thetry a bed with pull out drawers underneath to giveReseneroomstomoveawayfromtheverycoordinatedcan help save your walls from too many holes and tackroom back to its original purpose, or giving it a brandyourself more storage space. Rice Cake56 57'