b'my favourite coloursResene ReseneTuft Bush Big Bangwarm colours wow Resene ResenethatAmy Moore fills us in onI Dare Youwhat Team Gizzy has been up to since being crowned champion of The Block NZ:Japanese LaurelOn Point in 2018.What has changed in your life since being onWhat colours are you most drawn to using? Above: Amy Moore The Block NZ? Warm colours! I am very rarely drawn to blues andnow not only Stu and my lives have changed a lot since being on thegreys. I love yellows, oranges and pinks and if thereprovides interior showespecially mine. I have been able to pursue ais a way of using them all together then even better! decorating services career in interior decorating, which I would have neverthrough her company, Amy & Co, had the courage to do without having been on theAside from launching your interior decoratingbut she has also show. Getting recognised everywhere you go is alsobusiness, Amy & Co, what else have you recently launched a something that still feels pretty weird. been up to? business called Roam I have just launched my second business with a friendGetaways, which Would you do anything differently if you had theof mine called Roam Getaways, where we take groupstakes groups of chance to do last years competition over again? of woman on luxury getaways that include bespokewomen on luxury getaways that We wouldnt have changed anything. Not everythingshopping trips to explore homewares abroad. include bespoke went to plan, but I think it takes making a mistake toshopping trips to figure out that you can do it better next time. What are your favourite Resene colours explore homewares and why? abroad. On the wall What apartment do you wish you could haveI love the Resene colour range and if Im given anybehind her is Resene had a go at in the firehouse? excuse to throw a few colours around, Im in! To add aWallpaper Collection SMIL69824203.Definitely Apartment 1. Its the biggest by far and itreal wow, there are a few colours that I am drawn to, essentially is the old firehouse. I also think having thatlike Resene Big Bang, Resene I Dare You and Resene road frontage is really unique. Japanese Laurel. We used Resene Tuft Bush in our kids bedroom on The Block NZ, which I also loved.How would you describe your design style now?I think if you are brave enough to use colour, USE IT Do you feel it evolved after doing the show?or, get someone who is to help you. It can make such I think I have always had a fairly eclectic style. I lovean impact! colour, texture and layers. Giving a room soul is reallyimage NEXT importantinmyphilosophy.TheminimalistvibeisFor more information on Amys new businessmagazine/Bauer probably not my speciality. venture, visit www.roamgetaways.co.nz. syndication80'