b'feature houseA fter the Christchurch earthquakes damaged StephanieWaterhousesbeloved110-year-new leaf herofoldvilla,shehadtwochoicesbeforeher: rebuild or move. Surrounded by acres of lush parkland, turning over amatureneighbourhood,StAlbans,iseclectic, interesting and centrally located. For her, it was an easy decision to stay in the area she loves and rebuild.With the support of architect Don Jamieson and architectural graduate Joshua Dubbeld, they set about creating a comfortable home that celebrates the areas prevalent mid-century style while incorporating hints of A post-quake overhaulcontemporarydesignelements.Theresultoftheir inspired by its surroundings. efforts is a compact and considered build painted in a blendResene colours inspired by the raw, natural beauty of the Christchurch region.Stephanies vision for her new home was one that used honest materials to craft an open yet comfortable layout with northerly oriented living areas to allow for enhanced natural lighting and heating. Don and Joshua made use of the available space on the site tocreatetwogableswithacoveredcourtyardin between thats ideal for both at-home entertaining and private relaxation, allowing her to embrace an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. top tipStephanie has a love of colour, which was evident in her existing villa. It was decided early on in the projectResene has many productsthat colour should be featured in abundance alongsideto bring out the beauty of natural, low maintenance materials, Don explains. natural materials indoors, including Resene Colorwood She was especially passionate that her new hometimber stains and clear timber should represent the myriad of colours that exist infinishes, such as Resene nature, especially hues reminiscent of the immediateAquaclear for walls andarea, such as the volcanic rock of Port Hills and theResene Qristal ClearFloorharbour where Stephanie goes for walks.for floors.Left: In the dining and living areas,the walls are painted soft blue Resene Longitude below the impressive gabled ceiling, which is in Resene EighthReseneSpanish White. ScoriaTop right: For a pop of colour, some of the door and drawer fronts of the built-in joinery have been painted Resene Energise. The walls are in Resene Longitude while the ceilingand trims are in Resene Eighth Spanish White. ReseneLongitudeRight: Stephanie wanted the entrance of the home to be a stand-out feature, to welcome guests like a warm hug with walls in Resene Merino. What starts as a small and intimate space consumed with rich, natural fibres, the entrance hallway opens up into vast vertical space with walls in Resene Longitude and ceiling inResene EighthResene Eighth Spanish White. Spanish WhiteReseneResene Energise Merino20 21'