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Punky, popular ways with pinks and purples

From the Resene decorating blog

Pink and purple can be divisive colours to work with – whether it’s your wardrobe, a piece of art or your interiors. Often they’re relegated to the bottom of the colour palette choices for being too garish, too insipid, too childish or too fleeting in their trendiness.

We’re here to suggest thinking again. The new generation of pinks and purples are bold and dramatic, perfect for elevating an otherwise neutral room and stamping your personality on any space.

A sophisticated interior painted in muted berry tones

Muted berry tones of violet Resene RSVP on the left wall and mauve Resene Memory Lane on the right create a modern and sophisticated backdrop.

The contrast against the far right wall in Resene Noir and table in Resene Blackjack adds extra drama while the floor painted in Resene Elderflower with a pattern in Resene Black keeps the room from feeling too dark or heavy. Chair and vase from Backhouse, stool from BoConcept, artwork from endemicworld. Project by Kate Alexander, image by Bryce Carleton.

A textured monochrome interior

Texture from the pressed tin lower walls, the soft furnishings and subtle colour variations in the plants and ornaments allow this completely monochrome room in Resene Virtuoso to breathe.

Artwork by Maegan McDowell from endemic world, flower arrangement and amethyst from Green Point, Pot, cast mythical beast, bubble vase and cushions from Babelogue. Project by Lisa Morton, image by Bryce Carleton.

For a start the range of shades that fall under the colour category of ‘pink and purple’ is vast. From the subtle coral of millennial pinks like Resene Sorbet and muted mauves like Resene Marionette to on-trend bold berry shades like Resene RSVP and moody purples like Resene Grape. What that means is there is a pink and a purple to suit your colour preferences and personality.

Calming neutrals

There are two ways to approach your use of neutrals with a pink or purple colour scheme. The first is to use your neutrals as a calming influence on bolder shades. Try grey-toned neutrals such as Resene Half Concrete with a blue-ish violet such as Resene True Blue or go for a vintage 80s feel with dusky pink Resene Cosmic. For a softer effect try off-white Resene Bianca with the greyed violet of Resene Enigma. For a luxurious finish reminiscent of Downton drawing rooms try creamy Resene Spanish White, with lush deep purple Resene Fandango, then sharpen it up with highlight notes in unexpected Resene Lemon Twist.

If you’re opting for a pared-back minimalist space using a classic neutral like Resene Alabaster, anchor the look with dramatic highlights in almost-black purple Resene Midnight Express and showcase one or two pieces in muted violet Resene Ship Cove.

The other way to create a neutral space that lets your pinks and purples shine is to double down and use background shades with subtle notes of pink such as Resene Sauvignon or grey-purple Resene In The Mauve. Add layers of deepening pinks or purples for a finished look that will feel luxurious and inviting.

Matches made in heaven

There are some fantastic colour combinations for pinks and purples that can take your room in a very classic direction or veer it towards something more edgy and unexpected.

A good place to start with either pink or purple is green. Green sits directly opposite pink and purple on the colour wheel which makes it a complementary colour combination, but that doesn’t really get into the many variations of all those shades and just how much fun they can be to play with.

Acid or sharp greens like Resene Wild Willow are great for cutting through intensely rich shades such as dark violet Resene Mardi Gras, while deep forest greens such as Resene Bush add extra gravity to wispy, peachy pinks such as Resene Sorbet.

If you veer slightly further around the colour wheel you’ll also find golden yellows such as Resene Buddha Gold add an extra layer of maximalist luxury to an inky purple like Resene Sumptuous, while pale Resene Butter with cheeky pink Resene Carissma creates a surprising, fun vintage finish.

Other combinations to try are sweet pink like Resene Vanilla Ice given some oomph with dark brown Resene Barista or a vivid, colour saturated Resene Colour Me Pink with notes of turquoise Resene Yabbadabbadoo for an exotic combination that hints at Morocco or parts of India.

Did you know? Pink soothes, rather than stimulates. Research has shown it can reduce anger.

A vivid pink living room

Vivid pink accents painted in Resene Irresistible on the brass-topped table and wooden corner stool are unexpected and vibrant against the charcoal tones of the couch and the window trim in Resene Nero. The coral tones of the walls and second peg stool all painted in Resene Dawn Chorus add freshness and light. Project by LeeAnn Yare, image by Melanie Jenkins.

A deep red bedroom with a dusky pink headboard

Dusky pink notes such as the circular painted headboard in Resene Dust Storm and the bedside table in Resene Sakura give these deep red walls painted in Resene Pohutukawa the look of a cherry blossom display. The floor is in Resene Double Rice Cake. Euro covers, cushions, throw and pendant light from Adairs, artwork from The Warehouse, velvet cushion from Shut The Front Door. Project by Vanessa Nouwens, image by Melanie Jenkins.

Embrace berry shades

The colours of boysenberries, blackberries, raspberries and blackcurrants are an on-trend way to incorporate pinks and purples into your interiors. They are warming, subtle and sophisticated, lending a note of richness to your rooms.

Add depth with shades like Resene Very Berry, Resene Blackcurrant and Resene Geronimo without dragging your space down.

If you can’t choose between your purple, pink or even deep red berry tones, mix them up by layering different shades throughout the room. Experiment with Resene testpots to see what shades will work well together without competing. You’re aiming for enough of each shade that they amplify and complement each other rather than competing for attention. Try a mix of dramatic purple shades like Resene Upstage, Resene Plum and Resene Fandango then add plenty of pot plants to break up the colours and add freshness with a crisp neutral like Resene Rice Cake or Resene Black White.

Let’s talk about Barbiecore

If you’re after drama and impact, rather than subtlety you might want to embrace the colour soaked escapism of the Barbiecore trend. As you might have guessed Barbiecore is all about the unapologetic use of pink to create fun, over-the-top interiors that are sure to lift your spirits.

The shade of pink is up to you. It could be the delicate pastel of Resene Cinderella, the candy coloured Resene Cabaret or fuchsia Resene Lipstick, the choice is yours. The trend is really about ‘more is more’ so layer your pinks with ornate textures and luxury fabrics like velvets and silks. Add notes of bling with crystals, glass or gold and enjoy the fun.

The trick to this kind of unapologetically over-the-top look is to find a focal point for your room and build the look out from there. That way your eye is drawn to key parts of the room and you’ll create a cohesive finish, rather than one that is overwhelming.

If you need to break up all the pink, try a shock of deep red against a pale pink, or a pale chilled blue like Resene Iceberg against vivid pinks like Resene Cranberry.

Over millennial pink?

The cool coral hues of the shade now known as millennial pink have been everywhere for the past few years, in all kinds of design styles from minimalist Scandi or Japandi looks to modern monochromes and desert-tone beachy escapes. We still love those fresh subtle shades like Resene Sakura and Resene Pot Pourri, particularly to add lightness to stormy darker colour schemes.

But the millennial pink trend is evolving to subtly shift from peachy hues to more neutral beige tones or rosier pinks. But for a truly modern spin, how about millennial mauve (or is that Gen Z purple)? Think warm lilac Resene Heartbreaker teamed with whitewashed wood in Resene Colorwood Rock Salt and notes of blue-green Resene Paradise as a new Scandi combination.

To go all-in on the trend how about tonal layers of muted mauve and lilac in Resene Maverick, Resene Blue Haze and Resene Logan; perfect for a dreamy relaxed reading nook, bedroom or meditation space.

Resene Elderflower

Resene Sorbet

Resene Memory Lane

Resene RSVP

Resene Virtuoso

Resene Very Berry

Resene Noir

July 25, 2022

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