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Texture talk – how to use anaglypta wallpaper in every vintage of house

From the Resene decorating blog

When it comes to bringing character and personality into a home, Resene wallpaper will always have its place. It enhances your space not only with colour but pattern too, evoking a theme that your interior might resonate with, be it florals, geometrics or more.

Wallpaper textures and 3D effects are becoming increasingly interesting, expanding their horizons and getting more daring, playing around with textural effects that transcend any interior. As we expand our horizons with interiors, more and more designs and styles are being celebrated, particularly anaglypta.

Anaglypta wallpaper painted with chic gentle pink

Chic, gentle pink paint on Resene Wallpaper Collection RD06681 below a dado rail breaks up a plan white wall in a fresh, contemporary way. Team whites like Resene Sea Fog with Resene Blue Chalk or Resene Soothe or add a warmer touch with Resene Half Bianca and Resene Half Pale Rose.

An eclectic interior - anaglypta wallpaper

Black paint on Resene Wallpaper Collection RD576 evokes a sumptuous setting, balanced with hot pink, deep green and white marble for an eclectic look. There are plenty of black to choose from with popular Resene All Black or Resene Black or opt for a softened black look with Resene Charcoal.

Resene Anaglypta wallpaper is known for its attention to texture and detail. Ornate and full of character, it is an old style of wallcovering that has come into its own in contemporary times.

The textured wallcovering, made from paper, features a raised pattern, and originates as far back as the 1800s. The word ‘anaglypta’ derives from Greek language, meaning ‘raised cameo’.

The appeal of anaglypta wallpaper is particularly for anyone who wants their home to stand out from the crowd, and its raised design comes in an array of styles. The fact that it can be painted onto means you can have both the raised textured pattern, as well as your dream Resene paint colour too. This touchy-feely product has the best of both worlds.

Resene Colour Consultant Jackie Nicholls says it is a product that simply evolves with the times, despite how many new products come onto the market: “Anaglypta wallpaper is an old product, but the fact is that it keeps getting reinvented and used in different ways. Traditionally it was used to hide a rough wall and to cover a whole room, but now people look at wallpaper differently and choose it for its out-there textures to add to an interior. It’s a great product to add to a room to make it feel more luxe.”

“Its embossed profile has a practical use if you have an imperfect wall,” says Aspiring Walls Design Manager Terry Isaako. “Tricky imperfections, such as uneven surfaces or damaged areas, on a surface can easily be distracted from, and covered up, with anaglypta wallpaper.”

A peaceful and elegant bedroom

Resene Wallpaper Collection RD8000 painted in a peaceful, dawn-green colour resonates elegantly with pale plum and charcoal furnishings in this elegant bedroom. Combine your favourite light green hues with Resene Secrets, Resene Linen and add tonal interest with darker greens like Resene Double Linen and Resene Flax.

Anaglypta wallpaper painted with metallic paint

A metallic paint has been brushed onto the raised pattern of this Resene Wallpaper Collection RD80029, evoking a luxe character that will allow the room it sits in to shine. Add touches of gold with Resene Gold or Resene Gold Dust or opt for silver with Resene Silver Aluminium.

“These can be married along with favourite colours and enhanced with a bit of texture on there. One of our popular ones is Resene Wallpaper Collection RD124. When paired with a Resene FX Metallic paint it gives a pressed-metal feel without the cost.”

“The style, Resene Wallpaper Collection RD 01600, is one of the more heritage designs. When paired below a dado rail in old villa, it can establish a sense of grounding.”

Such a sense of something we already know is increasingly appealing to people in such uncertain times across the world. “Interiors are heading that way because it’s been so chaotic over past year, it establishes a sense of familiarity and a sure foundation. Something that’s familiar and cyclic.”

Old-fashioned to modern, soft textures to abstract styles and florals, there is a Resene Anaglypta wallpaper to suit every taste and bring depth and dimension to any interior. Subtle texture or linen weave, traditional florals, panelling, tinned-tiles to more dramatic damask.

The ways to use anaglypta are endless, ranging from covering your four walls in one of the designs to one feature wall for a focal point in a space.

In a white interior, if you’re prefer to keep your palette serene and calm, anaglypta allows personality and interest to shine through thanks to the textural pattern. Your room can stand out subtly, without taking over the space.

Jackie suggests using your favourite Resene paint colours on top of the pattern.

“You can opt for something dark moody or something lighter and brighter, depending on what you like,” she says. “Or play with effects as well, dust a little Resene FX Metallic paint on your wallpaper to catch high bits with a wide, soft brush with a little paint on it. Wave it over the pattern’s high bits until it catches and highlights the design. It’s up to you whether you go subtle or dramatic.”

But for those to whom bold appeals, paint your anaglypta style in a sumptuous colour you adore. Think rich teals such as Resene Allports, the elegant deep brown of Resene Caffeine or the midnight blue of Resene Spinnaker. For lovers of red tones use the spicy hue of Resene Lusty or, for a slightly pinker version, bring in Resene Lip Service.

You can focus on small pockets of anaglypta if your interior suits this rather than all four walls. Paint Resene FX Metallic paint onto the raised pattern in a tiny amount such as an inset wall, or place it under a counter in a kitchen, mimicking the look of pressed tin, Jackie suggests. “Or it could be placed on the back of a shelving unit to add interest. You can even wrap it around a lampshade base. I’ve seen lamps with a big black cylinder shade from the outside, but on the inside of the shade there is white anaglypta – the great thing about this product is that you can use it in unexpected places.”

Resene Colour Consultant Brenda Ngatai says anaglypta wallpaper allows people to adopt the old fashioned-styled, large-patterned designs in a modern paint colour. “It’s great when you’ve got an old villa because the high ceiling suits the patterned wallpaper. If you have a picture railing down the hallway you have the opportunity to put an anaglypta style down the bottom half and paint the top of the wall, taking it up onto the ceiling too.”

Because it’s a thicker type of wallpaper with many different ranges of patterns and textures, it can provide some sound proofing, especially in homes with timber flooring. Or if walls are a bit wobbly its thickness helps masks any imperfections.”

March 19, 2021

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