Tips to revitalise your home storage

As your family gets bigger, you may find yourself feeling squeezed for space. If clothes are spilling out of your wardrobe, pots are stacked haphazardly in your kitchen cupboards or your bathroom looks like a danger zone with bottles and jars piled high, it's time for a makeover.

A storage makeover can transform your home and ensure you enjoy it for many years to come, rather than getting frustrated and deciding to pack up and move on. There are plenty of clever ways to maximise the space you have and to make sure everything has its place.

First things first – let's start in the kitchen. 

A wall of white

It's no secret that white paint can open up a space, making it seem bigger than it actually is. Coupled with plenty of natural light – whether from regular windows or skylights – and you'll enjoy the space rather than feeling holed up in it. 

If you want a dramatic focal point in your kitchen, which also doubles as a great storage option, consider a wall of white.

Pick a single wall and add floor-to-ceiling shelving units. You can opt for an open-and-close approach with tall cupboards or you might pick totally open shelves for a semi-industrial feel. The latter is a great option if your kitchen is particularly small.

For the walls and cupboards, embrace fresh shades of white such as Resene Quarter White Pointer, Resene Quarter Parchment or Resene Flotsam.

By placing all your storage solutions along one wall, you'll prevent the overall space from feeling cramped. However, by utilising the entire space from ceiling to floor, you're maximising your opportunities to keep kitchen utensils, chinaware, dried food – and more – stored without trouble.

Suitcases, ladders and crates

Sometimes, you don't need to add elaborate built-in storage or completely gut your kitchen to ensure you've got enough room.

In some instances, some quirky storage options can make all the difference, without breaking the bank. If you're not set on completing large-scale renovations, give some of these ideas a whirl.

If you've got an old wooden ladder with flat steps sitting around unused, dig it up and get the paint brush out. Wash it to get rid of any dust, dirt or mould, then paint it with a neutral shade like Resene Double Bianca for a shabby-chic vibe. Alternatively, go all out with a hue such as Resene Confidante.

A ladder can be hung horizontally and used to store books, or place vertically against a bathroom wall to keep a range of goods close at hand. Another option is to open up two ladders to an apex position and place them side by side. You can then slide planks across the ladder steps between both of them for a clever M-shaped storage area in your bedroom, living space or home office.

Vintage suitcases in shades of moss or tan add a quaint touch. Place items such as books and bedclothes in them and stack them up at the end of your bed. This keeps items carefully stored away but still accessible.

Wooden crates are another clear winner when it comes to boosting your storage options for little cost. You can pick these up for next to nothing – try your local liquor store or head to a second-hand store.

Grab a few different grades of sandpaper and even out the wood so it's super smooth. You don't want to get splinters, after all! Then paint the crates any bright colour of your choosing or simply white. Add them to kids rooms to store books and keep the floor tidy or use them in your bedroom to store extra cushions or linen. See our project guide for step-by-step instructions and ideas how to use your painted crates.

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