The impact of a feature wall

A simple yet effective home decorating idea is to make one wall the focal point of a room, known as a feature wall. In many ways, this surface functions as the root from which every other design choice branches out. The decorative elements of the room are like the leaves sprouting from each branch, including items such as cushions and rugs. 

A feature wall grabs attention and brings drama or excitement to a room. However, there are several concepts to keep in mind while finalising your vision. 

Which wall should be the feature?

This changes depending on the room. For instance, in a bedroom, the ideal space would be directly behind the bed frame or headboard. In a kitchen, the wall beside the dining table would offer the most intrigue as a beautiful backdrop to a meal. 

Bathrooms can be transformed into lively, luxurious spaces by adding a simple wall decal motif above the sink or opposite the mirror. If your front door opens onto a hallway or foyer wall, greeting guests with a quirky colour or wallpaper could be welcoming. 

Colour or pattern?

Finding a shade two tones darker or lighter than the paint along the rest of the walls can offer a subtle feature, however if you're wanting a dynamic impact you can opt for the complementary colour. Red and green, purple and yellow and orange and blue are all complementary and work in tandem to produce a visual harmony.

Resene Endorphin is the blue wall colour in the accompanying image, and would 'pop' with some complementary orange products dotted throughout the room. 

Alternatively, wall decals are an excellent way to craft a feature wall. Coming in a range of patterns, they can easily match the style of any decor, whether it be minimalist, modern or vintage. 

How do I complement the feature wall? 

Add cushions, vases, photo frames and rugs in the tonal range of the feature wall. This way, they work as accent colours in the room for maximum impact. 

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