Redesigning your workplace for 2017

Change up your office decor for 2017 and increase your employee's productivity!

New year, new you! Right? Well, new year new business too. And the best way to rake in the new deals is to get your team excited in the workplace. A simple way to give them a good fresh start in 2017 is to rearrange the office!

Switching up the layout of your office will help shake things up – it really does increase productivity as it gives staff a new space to think up fresh ideas. So before your staff get back from holiday, plan some time to rearrange the layout and switch up the decor and you'll see a productive start to your new year. Check out our tips on how you can do just that.

1. Change the seating chart

Remember when you were a kid in school and you'd get so excited when you came into class to find the seats moved around? Consider doing the same for your employees. Either move their desks around for a new view, or relocate them to the other side of the office – the choice is yours – or for something a little less drastic, change the meeting space layout around so they can enjoy the change part of the day while still having their normal workspace.

Increase employee productivity with these office decor ideas. Increase employee productivity with these office decor ideas.

2. Touch up the paint 

Once you've reorganised your teams, consider adding in a splash of colour to help liven up their new space. White walls can feel sterile – and believe it or not, colour can help inspire creativity. Different colours register subconsciously in our minds, so adding colour to each respective team's area will help motivate them whether they know it or not. 

For example, yellow promotes optimism and creativity, so a colour like Resene Energy Yellow is perfect for something like a graphics or social team. But a red like Resene Bright Red gets the blood pumping, so it would likely be best suited for a sales team's space.

But don't forget about your common work spaces. On one hand, an orange like Resene Clementine Orange can help keep your energy levels up and focused. Blues like Resene Blue Jeans on the other hand, encourages relaxation, and is best fit for a break room.

3. Bring the outdoors indoors

The more light and plants you bring in to the office the better. Additionally, green is good a colour to promote attention. By placing plants around the office, you're helping your teams focus and get down to work!

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