Ahoy! Bring the ocean to your lounge with nautical colours and decor

A lounge is a space for families to relax. It's an area to unwind after a long day's work and put up your feet, or laugh together while you watch TV shows snuggled up on the couch. Because of this, the lounge is in many ways the 'holiday' destination of your house. Immersing it in shades of sea blue and soft, sandy whites can really help create a vacation vibe.

Nautical themes make the space fun, feeling like you are out on the open waters with the sea spray on your face and the wind in your hair. There is something blissful about the combination of blue and white, like being on a permanent holiday near the ocean. So why not turn your lounge into a sailor's dream?

Oceanic colours

There are so many different varieties of blue tones to choose from, it's like they could fill up the seven seas. Resene Into The Blue is a rich navy that would work really well with white wicker furniture. On the other hand, if you want to be reminded of the shimmering, sparkling ocean waters use Resene Escape, as it is a lighter, aqua blue. 

Add cushions in the classic nautical blue and white stripes to complement the theme. Even the little details can make a big difference, such as tying your curtains closed with thick ropes in sailor's knots. 

Beautiful erosion from the waves

There are few things in life prettier than a wooden pier reaching out to sea, its vintage, aged wood exposed to the current. The waves erode the wood with beautiful patterns, certain parts chipping and stripping away to leave behind natural brown and beige undertones. 

An easy and quick way to add this look to your lounge is by using Resene Exposed or Resene Essentially Yours wallpaper, both taking inspiration from distressed wood. Maritime blue hues, dark brown and grey work together to offer a naturally aged look. These wallpapers would look great as a feature wall, or in smaller panels such as above a fireplace or papered to the backs of bookshelves.  

From the sea shore to the shelves

The next time you go to the beach, take a small bucket or container and collect plenty of sea shells. Put the shells in a glass vase and display them around the room. You can also put some water in and pop in some fresh flowers in shades of white and blue, such as bright blue proteas, indigo peonies and white lilies.

Also take some old jam jars to the beach and fill them up with sand. Tie some thin brown twine around the lid of the jar, and sink some small candles into the sand inside. These pretty DIY lanterns will offer some beachy charm to the lounge.

Whitewashed textures

Whitewashed wood always brings to mind memories of a home beside the sea, and Resene Colorwood Whitewash is an excellent way to achieve this look. Paint all the wooden furniture in the room with this, especially eye-catching central items like your coffee table between the sofas.

For a truly complete beachy look, you can even paint your timber floors. That feeling of walking barefoot on a whitewashed ground is sure to remind you of strolling along the sand. 

Art to make you say 'ahoy!' 

Print a picture of the outline of an anchor, cut it out and glue it to cardboard to make a stencil. Dab your favourite Resene testpot paint on, then let it dry. Mix some sand into your testpot to add some texture.

Make sure the stencil is firmly in place the whole time, so that when you lift it off you are left with the crisp shape of an anchor on the woven canvas – the weaves will remind you of sails and the anchor will complement the room's theme!

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