4 fun home painting projects

Choosing paint isn't an exercise you embark on solely to revive your walls. There are plenty of other instances that can give you an excuse to get out the paint brushes.

But just what are they? Read on for some inspiring decorating ideas that can transform your entire property!

The built-in bookshelf

If you've got a living area or home office with a built-in bookshelf, you're in luck. 

You've got the perfect opportunity to embrace some new shades, whether you're a fan of Resene Escape or Resene Quarter Lignite.

Keep your walls and exterior shelves a crisp white or warm cream, then paint the back of the built-in unit a shade of your choosing or opt for your favourite wallpaper. Whether it's bright and bold or something a little more gentle, you're sure to obtain a remarkable contrast. 

Whatever colour you choose, be sure to match warm shades with warm, and cool hues with cool. For instance, if you pick a cool blue like Resene Kumutoto, pair this with a trim in Resene Half Flotsam. Perhaps you're after something friendly and warm, in which case matching Resene La Luna with Resene Half Parchment, which has yellow undertones.

The bedroom side table

A side table can be incredibly valuable in the bedroom. Perch a lamp, book and jewellery box on top and keep important items in a slide out drawer beneath. 

Of course, a side table is more than simply practical. If you're completing some small-scale renovations and are keen to bring more colour to your property, consider painting the legs or inside drawer of your bedroom side table a punchy shade. 

You don't want to go to over the top in your bedroom – embracing fluorescent hues might be a bit daring, after all. But playful pastels such as Resene Bluegrass, Resene Zephyr or Resene Siesta can work a treat.

You can paint the rest of the side table as well or elect to keep it a natural tone, opting for a wood polish to keep it in good nick.

The bathroom mirror

Many homeowners decide on built-in mirrors in their bathrooms, with hidden shelving behind the mirrors.

However, have you consider taking a step back and embracing a circular mirror with a quirky frame design? Wooden varieties from charity shops are a great pick – you can paint them any colour of your choosing, sand them for a weathered effect then apply a stain or polish to finish the job off.

If you've got a modern bathroom, opt for a mirror in a shade like Resene Quarter Sandstone, with a delicate trim in Resene Spring Fever or Resene Escape. The grey background will pair well with tiles, porcelain and a neutral colour scheme.

Perhaps you've got a bathroom that's got rich, polished timber floors and white walls. If so, you can certainly afford to bring some colour into the space. Try painting a mirror a shade like Resene Shiraz or Resene Seeker.

The great staircase

Perhaps you're lucky enough to live in a double-storey home, with gorgeous views from your upper balcony or bedroom.

A two-level home opens up plenty of potential for entertaining, as well as having spots for simply relaxing in. But don't forget about what makes this all possible: the staircase!

There's no reason why your staircase has to be drab. Instead, treat it as a canvas for exploring your favourite colours. You could paint it cool white and add a bold runner in navy or mauve. Alternatively, leave the stairs as they are and paint the banister a playful shade for a unique point of difference in your home.

Just ensure you paint the staircase at a time when people don't need to move between both levels, otherwise you'll have some very colourful footprints around the house!

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