10 sky colours to try: Can you paint with all the colours of the wind?

In 2008, scientists designed the world's most relaxing room to advertise the University of Hertfordshire's Health and Human Sciences Research Institute Showcase.

One of the design choices used to create this ultimate soothing space was to get people to lie on lavender scented pillows and gaze up at a ceiling that looked like a clear, cloudless blue sky. watch Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 2016 film now

"The artificial blue sky helps create a mild form of sensory deprivation that will help them turn their attention inward and distract them away from daily stress," said Psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman, one of the scientists involved in the project. 

So, what 10 sky-blue shades can you turn to for your home walls or ceiling?

Here are some shades to help you paint with every colour in the wind!

  1. Resene Danube: The sweet, pastel blue of sunny cloudless heavens 
  2. Resene Skydiver: Feel as though you are one with the sky, floating through space, using this deeper blue 
  3. Resene Cobalt: Not quite as dark as midnight skies, but edging ever closer to that shade with its navy blue hues 
  4. Resene Soft Pink: The pinky-purple tints of twilight can be enjoyed with this paint – alternatively try Resene Abbey Road for violet vistas of evening skies 
  5. Resene Florentine Pink: Walk on sunshine with these early morning sunrise skies 
  6. Resene Soapstone: This is the colour of fluffy clouds, and you can add a silver lining with Resene Allusive from the metallics collection 
  7. Resene Birdcage: Just after the sun sets, before twilight is in full bloom, the sky is this subtle lilac grey
  8. Resene Cut Glass: Soft morning light filters through the skies in these light blue shades
  9. Resene Freefall: Late afternoon heavens take the colour of this friendly blue
  10. Resene High Tide: Midnight, inky blue-black skies are this colour, dark and elegant but with deep charcoal blue undertones 

Which skies will be coming into your home? 

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