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Pale wood interior

Transform the timber interior of a workshop shed into something stylish with Resene Waterborne Colorwood and Resene Waterborne Sidewalk flooring paint.

Ways with wood with Mark Rayner - Project 02

Difficulty level: Moderate

You will need: a timber interior (ours was dressed macrocarpa), a cloth , interior filler (white), latex gloves, paintbrushes, sandpaper and a stirrer. Resene Aquaclear satin, Resene Waterborne Colorwood natural wood stain tinted to Resene Rock Salt, Resene Quick Dry waterborne primer undercoat and Resene Waterborne Sidewalk flooring and paving paint tinted to Resene Boulder.

To get the look: Mark used Resene Waterborne Colorwood tinted to Resene Rosewood to stain the chair and finished off with three topcoats of Resene Aquaclear gloss.

Other ideas: For a richer look, try darker shades from the Resene Waterborne Colorwood range such as Resene Walnut or Resene Teak Stain.

Step 1
Step one
Fill any large holes or gaps in the timber with interior filler and allow to dry.
Step 2
Step two
Sand the filler until smooth. Wipe off any sanding dust with a slightly damp cloth.
Step 3
Step three
Carefully stir the Resene Waterborne Colorwood with a wide flat stirrer (also do this regularly during use).
Step 4
Step four
Working on one panel at a time, apply one coat of Resene Waterborne Colorwood brushing in the direction of the grain. Leave for up to 15 minutes depending on the depth of colour required.
Step 5
Step five
Wearing latex gloves, wipe off any excess Resene Waterborne Colorwood using a dry, lint free cloth. Again, wipe in the direction of the grain. Repeat with the other panels until interior walls are finished.
Step 6
Step six
Apply one coat of Resene Quick Dry to the floor. Allow to dry.
Step 7
Step seven
48 hours after applying the Resene Waterborne Colorwood, apply one coat of Resene Aquaclear to the walls. Once dry, apply two more coats, allowing two hours drying time between each coat.
Step 8
Step eight
Apply two coats of Resene Waterborne Sidewalk to the floor, allowing two hours drying time between each coat. Allow at least 24 hours drying time before subjecting to light foot traffic, and one full week to fully cure.

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