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Transform plain serving boards into pastel-toned works of art with a few pots of paint.

Graphic prints and geometric patterns are a big trend for summer. Take your outdoor entertaining to the next level by painting an array of wooden serving boards in pretty sorbet colours from Resene. Structured lines or a paint-brush riot – anything goes!

Painted serving boards

Painting wooden serving bowls

You will need:

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  1. Decide on a pattern and lightly draw on your round or rectangular board. Paint in your chosen Resene colour palette, including the edges.

  2. Allow to dry, lightly sand off any imperfections, wipe off dust, and repeat with another coat or if needed. For the rectangular board, we did 2 coats of the main colour, then painted the colours on top free-hand. Leave to dry.

  3. For the round board: To make handle, lay the leather strap flat and mark 35mm in from each end. Place it against the edge of your board and gently hammer a small nail through the centre of one marked end. Leaving some slack in the strap, position the other end of the strap and gently nail into the board as before.

  4. For the rectangular board: Find and mark the middle of 1 short end. Measure 35mm in from that point and draw a line parallel to the edge. Place a handle on the line, centre it, and mark the screw holes. Screw handle into board. Repeat at the other end.


Resene Chorus Line

Resene Whimsical

Resene Sorbet

Resene Just Dance

Resene Meditation

Project, styling and photography by Tanya Wong. 2019

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Projects from Nadia magazine
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