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A guide to radio advertising

From the Resene Trade blog

Radio advertising is just one of many forms of marketing available to you as a tradie. While they might not be able to see the awesome work you do with Resene paints, you can at least tell everyone all about it.

Radio advertising
81 per cent of the population listen to the radio each week

Why radio advertising?

Data from The Radio Bureau suggests that as much as 81 per cent of the population listen to the radio each week, making it one of the best ways to reach a large number of people at once. In fact, when you add up all the time people spend with the radio on while at work, in the car, at home, and everywhere in between, they spend more time interacting with radio than any other medium, says MediaWorks.

With the frequency of advertising spots on the radio, and repetition of your message, it's a powerful medium to talk to potential clients. Plus, you can create a radio ad for any campaign, whether you're looking to promote a specific deal, get your brand name out there, direct people to your website, or something else.

As each radio station offers something different, your ads can target specific groups by singling out audience demographics. This could be a group based on your location, or a demographic that's typically a little older with more purchasing power.

Radio advertising can also be quite affordable, as you can negotiate how long each segment should be and how many times you want it played over a period of time.

How to create a radio spot

First, begin by deciding what you want your ad to accomplish. This includes who you want to talk to (your target audience), and what you want them to know. It's important to remember that people may be driving or doing other things while listening to the radio, so including too many messages in your ad could make it confusing. Therefore, stick to one main message, whether that's to share information about a deal or raise awareness of your services, for example.

A guide to radio advertising
Many people listen to the radio as they're driving or multi-tasking, so keep your message simple and clear

Spend time actively listening to radio ads. Think about which ones work well and which ones don't, then try to decipher why that is. Often, the best ads will start and finish on a strong point. For example, they'll open with a line or a sound effect that grabs attention, then finishes on a simple and straight forward call to action such as 'visit the website' or 'call us now'.

Strongly consider hiring creative talent. An advertising agency can help you create an ad that works. They have the training and experience within the radio medium, so know the tricks that can help make your ad memorable. For example, it's a good idea to repeat your brand name more than once, and any phone numbers or websites should be easy to remember. If you don't have the budget for this, you may be able to talk to a local advertising school or university department about setting your ad as an assignment. Professors are often on the lookout for real-world examples, and it will usually give you several final scripts to choose from.

Above all, ensure your ad offers something to the listener. Too often, brands will focus on the product or the service while skimming over the benefit to the client. If your benefit is to offer the best deal, the fastest service, or the greatest finish thanks to professional paint products, make sure that comes across in your ad.

April 18, 2017

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