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Marketing classics: The four ‘P’s for painters

From the Resene Trade blog

Back in 1964, a main named Neil H. Borden published an article called 'The concept of the marketing mix'.

Marketing plan

The idea includes main ingredients that are the basis behind any brand or company, and it was later refined until it boiled down to just four concepts: Product, price, place and promotion.

Any brand can make the most of this famous marketing mix by focusing on each 'P' to help reach your target audience. Here's a closer look at each factor in terms of what it might mean for a painter.

1. Product

At its most basic level, a product for a painter is rooms, exteriors, office spaces and everything in between that's been painted.

Resene Multi-finish range
Resene paints can be a great factor as part of your product's quality offering

There's a little more to it than that, however. Your 'product' also includes the quality of your work, such as how well those surfaces are finished, how they stand up to the test of time, and even the tools you use to do the job. That's why when you use Resene paints, your choice of work tools becomes a big part of your own product.

Your product also includes elements such as support, safety, functionality and additional extras. For example, do you offer clients the service of being able to call you afterwards to ask questions? Do you advise guests on whether or not they can sleep in a painted bedroom? Do you use paints appropriate for the space, such as water-repellent coats for exterior surfaces? Do you leave behind paint tins so clients can do touch ups in case of future scratches?

All of these factors are part of your product, and can therefore be used as part of your marketing.

2. Price

Many clients will largely focus on the price of what you're offering, so it's important to think of this as part of your marketing strategy as well.

While this will often simply comprise of the quote you offer on the task at hand, don't forget that there are a few other ways of looking at it too. Perhaps you can offer discounts for upfront payments, or as an incentive for repeat clients. You may be able to give discounts for ongoing contracts or for work that occurs at quieter times of the year.

It may pay to get an idea of what your competitors are offering so you can see where your price point sits and what you're up against.

3. Place

Place usually means thinking about how a company can ship their goods to customers, but for a painter, it means anywhere you are willing to travel to for a job.

This 'P' is also sometimes known as distribution, as it's an important factor in getting your brand out there. When you begin to expand your business and bring in new hires, your ability to market your 'distribution' may grow.

4. Promotion

Finally, promotion involves any and all ways you choose to market yourself. Whether that's online advertising, a spot on the radio, social media marketing, email campaigns, or something else.

Marketing promotion
The way you market your company is the 'promotion' aspect of the four 'P's

Ultimately, the four 'P's of your own marketing mix will intersect in the middle. When you look at the group of people who will be interested in your product, are happy with your price, are within your physical geographical boundaries, and who see your marketing – they are your target audience. Therefore, any time you make a decision regarding any of the four 'P's, keep in mind what it might do and how it may affect the target audience you're looking to reach.

Start with the basics by ordering paints the professionals use from Resene.

February 18, 2017

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