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How to make your own Christmas snowflakes

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Create snowflakes by arranging craft sticks painted with Resene testpots.

You will need:

Make snowflake decorations
Make christmas decorations


Step 1
Step one
Plan out your pattern. We used three patterns with two larger snowflakes and a smaller one. Mark the position of where to glue the shorter sticks on to the longer sticks. Glue two of the shorter sticks on to each side at about a 45 degree angle on each side. Repeat with the two other sticks. Repeat for all six of the longer sticks.
Step 2
Step two
Glue each of the snowflake ‘arms’ together in the centre. Two sets of sticks should line up across from each other to create the three straight lines.
Step 3
Step three
Paint in your chosen colours – we used Resene Half Pohutukawa and Resene Red Herring. One dry, arrange on the wall, using blu-tack. You could also paint the sticks before you arrange them.
Step 4
Step four
NB: Smaller stars were made with two longer sticks glued together as a cross. Two smaller sticks were then glued on top in a cross pattern as well.

Top tip: Use Resene FX Metallic testpots to create shimmering snowflakes.

Resene Red Herring

Project Lisa Morton, Photography Bryce Carleton

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