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From habitat plus - wood stains

Staining a fence with Resene wood stains gives your whole home and garden a lift.

A dark stained fence using Resene CoolColour technology

When painting a fence in a dark colour opt for a Resene CoolColour which contains special heat-reflective technology that will help protect the timber. Fence and vegetable planter stained in Resene Woodsman Treehouse.

A fence not only creates privacy and keeps pets in bounds but gives a property a sense of space with a clearly defined border. Make your fence a feature using a wood stain in a striking colour or help your fence blend into the environment by choosing a natural colour.

Why wood stain?

Resene Waterborne Woodsman is a quick, easy fence staining option with very little preparation required. It’s available in a wide range of colours, including CoolColours which reflect more heat – your plants will thank you for it. Resene Waterborne Woodsman is designed to be reapplied every couple of years, and although a paint such as Resene Lumbersider will last longer, there are some advantages to choosing a wood stain. While you need to maintain wood stains more regularly, often all that is needed is a quick wash then you can apply the stain. If fences are painted and left too long before maintenance, the paint may start peeling, which will need to be sanded back – a much bigger job!

To prepare your fence for staining, treat any moss or algae using Resene Moss & Mould Killer before washing the fence with Resene Timber and Deck Wash, following the instructions on the pack.

Fence colours

Choosing a fence colour - test on timber offcuts

Darker fences will make green foliage pop, but which fence colour should you choose? The best way to test the colour is on a timber offcut or on a piece of fence that's not very visible. Pickets from left to right. Resene Pitch Black, Resene Charred Black, Resene Iroko, Resene Crowshead and Resene Bark and background in Resene Pickled Bluewood.

Deep brown Resene Bark is a good alternative to black

If you like the look of black stains, but they don't suit the era or architecture of your house, brown is another good option. Deep browns like Resene Bark will blend well with hedges but also won't look out of place with heritage homes.

top tip  Old, weathered timber is often very dry and can soak in much more stain than new timber. It pays to buy a little more than you'd expect to use to ensure you don't run out. The first coat of stain will be absorbed more into the timber than subsequent coats, so you will usually find you use less stain on the second coat.

Stain your fence in four easy steps:

  1. To prepare your fence for staining, treat any moss or algae using Resene Moss & Mould Killer.

  2. Wash the fence with Resene Timber and Deck Wash making sure to scrub well, following the instructions on the pack. Rinse well and allow to dry.

  3. Apply the first coat of Resene Waterborne Woodsman (we used Resene Warm Kwila) using a large brush working from top to bottom on each paling. Allow to dry for 24 hours before applying a second coat.

  4. If needed, use a cutting in brush to cut in between the palings and for details such as trellis.

How to stain your fence - step 2
Step two

How to stain your fence - step 3
Step three

How to stain your fence - step 4
Step four

How to stain your fence - finished project
Finished fence


Resene Whero

Resene Charred Black

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