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The distinctive architectural styles of the Mediterranean are understandably popular here.

We have much in common with that warm, sunny region where fruit ripens in the hot sun, herbs perfume our gardens and food is central to many occasions. The masonry walls, deep window reveals, Marseille-style tile roofs and whimsical detailing lend a sense of permanence and age to our otherwise young housing stock.

Top tip: The strong UV light in this part of the world always makes colours outdoors appear lighter than they do indoors. Often it’s best to go a couple of tones deeper than you would think and to always use a testpot to try the colour on the actual cladding before you commit to a house-lot of paint.

Four colour panel
French-style home is a delight
1. Set down in the sunny Hawkes Bay, this French-style home is a delight. With soft blushed walls of Resene Bone and trims and shutters in the rustic muddy green of Resene Mangrove, this would look perfectly at home in Spain or Italy. Encircled in formal gardens of standardised plants and sparkling lime chip, with classic terracotta-coloured Marseille tiles on the roof, it creates a romantic scene in the hot summer sun. Now all you need is a glass of wine, some cheeses and olives.
A crisply smart mediterranean look
2.This crisply smart look is accentuated by tension and contrast between the colours used on the roof and walls. The classic cream of Resene Pearl Lusta with its sunny hint of yellow shines off the walls, whereas the masculine and intense tones of Resene Karaka deepens the roof. That deeply rural feel is supported by the green-toned beige of Resene Hillary for the shutters and trims.
Taking its cue from the endless mediterranean blue skies...
3.Taking its cue from the endless blue skies and the azure seas found both here and in the Med, the house is now bedecked with a slate-blue roof in Resene New Denim Blue and shutters in the smoky sky blue of Resene Ivanhoe. Warming the scheme is the blanched sun-baked beige of Resene Quarter Craigieburn on the walls. Trims and windows in Resene Orchid White lend a reserved and steadying hand.
Staying with the timeless terracotta-toned roofing...
4.Staying with the timeless terracotta-toned roofing, this scheme uses the warm ochre tones of Resene Manuka Honey on the walls. Adding to the deliciousness, Resene Wheatfield is a light and versatile cream, used on the windows, framed beautifully by Resene Rusty Nail shutters. For contrast and interest but in no way overpowering the look, the murky green-brown of Resene Double Stonewall is used on the fascia.

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Updated 2/17

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