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Going green

From the Resene decorating blog

As nature’s predominant colour, green is known to have the power to both soothe and revive our body and mind. To harness these qualities within the home, choose from the wide range of Resene greens, each with its own personality and nuances.

From the calming misty tones of Resene Pale Leaf in a nursery to aid restfulness to the clean, verdant hues of Resene Permanent Green in a study to improve focus and concentration, green is a colour that can have a significant influence on the human psyche. More than any other colour, green, a cool colour at heart, has the ability to ground us and stir us at the same time.

A relaxing green gender neutral nursery

This relaxing and gender-neutral nursery is painted in two complementary greens for a fun style that will take your child right through the toddler years.

The top half of the wall is painted in Resene Helix and the bottom half in Resene Artemis. Floor in Resene Poured Milk, hooks are painted in Resene Quarter Bokara Grey, small vase in Resene Peace and side table in Resene Green Meets Blue. Cot linen from Foxtrot Home, blanket from Sunday Home Store, wreath by Markantonia, T-lab animals from Father Rabbit, basket from Blackbird Goods, chair from Contempa, cushion from Citta, rug from Father Rabbit, octopus from Tea Pea. Project by Gem Adams, image by Melanie Jenkins.

A green home office with tropical wallpaper

Bold wallpaper designs have risen in popularity with tropical motifs being the star of the show. In this conservatory/sitting area, this showstopper design is Resene Wallpaper Collection 47404.

Using one of the colours in the wallpaper, the floor is painted in Resene Thor, echoed again in the pendant lamp. The coffee table has a bespoke painted effect on the top using a background in Resene Pale Leaf embellished with Resene Thor (vine leaves), Resene Swamp (large simple leaf) and Resene Green Meets Blue (palm leaf). The chair is stained in Resene Colorwood Driftwood (applied with rag) Desk in Resene Thor with drawer in Resene Casper, cane lounger in Resene Casper, cane desk chair in Resene Surf Crest and background vase in Resene Nero. Float cushion from Briscoes, brass ridged circle artwork from Nood. Project by Megan Harrison-Turner, image by Bryce Carleton.

Green is a symbol of renewal. Colour psychologists talk about the calming, healing and soothing properties of the colour green which also represents purity, health, and freshness. The benefit of being in nature, surrounded by green, is now so well accepted that many GPs are giving ‘green prescriptions’ advocating time in your local park or forest. So, it makes sense to bring the inside in and harness some of this positivity inside our homes. Green is a joy to live with and the variety of shades allows you to create any vibe you crave.

Multiple personalities

Deep greens make a statement. Strong jewel-tones such as Resene Emerald Green or Resene Aquamarine can provide the perfect accent wall for a moody yet vibrant living room or bedroom. Greens with a blue base are impactful colours, so introducing softer tones of clay white and chalky grey in furniture and accessories and keeping to a light natural flooring will help to balance a scheme. More muted shades such as Resene Ottoman are timeless, and can increase the expansiveness of a space, working well in bedrooms and conservatories. For a warm green that feels rejuvenating and welcoming, go for a shade with a yellow or orange undertone. For a more contemporary and edgy effect, look for zesty tones like Resene Awol or the acid-tinged Resene Karma. Clean lime greens like Resene Conifer work well on feature walls or for Asian-inspired schemes.

Don’t forget wallpaper

It could be argued that there has never been a better time for botanical and nature inspired wallpapers. More accessible than ever, they’re a bold and effective way to take the concept of bringing the outside inside to a new level. Trees and tropical leaf designs can create a bold statement that works well as an accent wall behind the bed or dining table, in the hallway or even in a small powder room.

Colour matching

Unlike some other bold colours, green works nicely with a range of different colours. One of the most popular colour palettes is a neutral and green one. In bedrooms, pair crisp, linen-like whites with a deep moody green to add contrast and visual interest. Deep greens such as emerald, tropical and forest colours also pair well with similarly rich colours like navy blue and cranberry. Mossy greens have yellow undertones, so they look great with warmer colours like yellow, gold, salmon and coral. Try accenting a lighter green with creamy whites and airy blues. For a more vintage or eclectic feel, consider pairing a hunter green with a burnt, rustic orange. This combo feels very welcoming and calming. You can add paler shades of green, too, such as sage to keep the palette light and open.

A bold green interior

In this office, which could be shared and serve as a she/he/we den, the bold inspiring wall colour is Resene Mother Nature.

Adding balance, the floorboards are finished in Resene Colorwood Greywash. Boxes on shelf in Resene Permanent Green (big), Resene Rivergum (medium) and Resene Family Tree (small). Armchair from Nood, lamp from Citta, artwork by Linn Wold from Popmotif, vase from Shut The Front Door. Project by Vanessa Nouwens, image by Melanie Jenkins.

A sage and olive green art nouveau bedroom

Sage and olive greens take centre stage in this art nouveau bedroom.

The walls are painted in Resene Finch complemented by a floor in Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash. Drum tables in Resene Black Forest (sides) and Resene Green White (tops), Charles Rennie Mackintosh Rose mirror in Resene Nero and plant pots and vases in Resene Nero, Resene Olive Green and Resene Green White. Headboard from The Cane Collective, duvet, pillowcases, throw and lamp from Citta, lamp from Lighting Direct. Project by Laura Lynn Johnston, image by Bryce Carleton.

Consider heritage colours for exteriors

When it comes to using green on your home’s exterior, look to Resene’s Heritage range and consider your style of home. Resene Soft Apple suits an art deco plaster home or brings new life to a muddy roughcast or shingle surface, while Resene Amulet brings sophistication to a weatherboard villa and the darker hue of Resene Green House looks cute on a coastal cottage.

Recommended products for exteriors include waterborne Resene Hi-Glo (gloss) or Resene Sonyx 101 (semi-gloss). For a lower sheen option, try Resene Lumbersider but bear in mind that, just like painting interiors, while lower sheen paints are more sympathetic to less than perfect surfaces they are harder to keep clean than glossier finishes. When opting for a darker shade, opt for Resene’s CoolColour finish with special pigment technology to reflect more light and keep your home cooler.

Greens can be both warm and cool, depending on the shade, but the majority land on the cool side. However, there’s a wide variety and this colour will often feel vastly different depending on the room and the amount of natural light available. Visit your nearest Resene ColorShop or shop online for Resene testpots to try out before buying your paint.

Green is at the centre of the colour spectrum so represents harmony, balance and peace. It soothes and relaxes, and is therefore also a healing and reassuring colour. In feng shui, green belongs to the wood element and is a calming, balancing colour that is all about fresh, new beginnings and renewal. When you bring green into and onto your home, you can enjoy the sense of nature year round.

Resene Poured Milk

Resene Helix

Resene Peace

Resene Artemis

Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash

Resene Mother Nature

Resene Family Tree

September 25, 2021

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