How can you make your desk space healthier?

The way a desk is laid out can help or hinder productivity levels.

As anyone passionate about interior design will proudly say, the way we decorate a space can have an positive impact on our mood and wellbeing. Your office desk or home workspace is a prime spot for laying things out effectively, using organisation and clever spatial management to boost your productivity levels and streamline your workflow.

Here are some tips for setting up your desk space with health and wellness in mind. 

Reducing Workplace Health and Safety Hazards

Aim for a minimalist, tidy desk space. If your desk is wooden, give it a new lease of life by staining it in natural woody hues from the Resene Colorwood range, which brighten the colour and look more polished. 

Loose cords, as well as tangled up ones, pose a threat to worker safety and yet resolving the issue is simple. Clip the cords and wires together and tuck them behind the desk using wall clips, or hold them back against the edge of the desk with binder clips. 

Similarly, having too many objects on a desk is risky as they can fall off and become a tripping hazard. Rather than keep pen holders and stands vertically on a table, stack them up horizontally. An on–trend way to do so is by gluing several clear mason jars together in a horizontal pyramid formation, and storing pens, paper clips and other office stationary inside. Martha Stewart's website suggests following the same principle but with empty paint cans, used as 'cubby holes' laid flat on a shelf. 

Ultimately, these steps help to de-clutter the desk and make it more of a minimalist layout. Psychology Today notes that seeing clutter sends constant signals to our brain that work is not being completed, which can be problematic for feeling motivated and actually getting work done.

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