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Space to work

From the Resene colour inspiration – latest looks gallery

If you need a dedicated place to work at home but are already squeezed for space, you may need to employ a bit of creativity to carve out a niche where you can get business taken care of.

Luckily, the way we work today has greatly reduced the need for physical space. Where once we needed bulky desktops, most of our business gets done now on slim laptops, tablets and phones. And with so much of our work lives now stored on our devices, many workspaces have become unusually paper free. For better or for worse, we’re getting more work done that ever before – but we’re getting it done by using less.

An tidy office space at home
Home office solutions

With those major storage considerations off the table, deciding on the type of space that suits your work patterns and habits should be the primary focus for your home office. Do clients visit who might need seating? Do you like to pin things to the wall? Are you entirely computer-based or do you need space to spread out some papers? All these things will influence the way you set up your workspace.

This minimalist workspace was set up in a previously unused alcove. By popping in a small desk, a great lamp, handy organisers and a couple of plants, this cosy home office has all the essentials – space to work, space to sort and store limited paperwork and supplies, fresh greenery as a mood booster and adequate lighting to avoid eye strain.

Thoughtful use of colour can also make a positive impact on the place you work. Soft pinks are known to be soothing, which can help to relax an over stimulated brain, while warm colours like red can inspire creativity. The main wall is painted Resene Just Dance – a desert pink verging on terracotta – and the darker wall is in Resene Smoulder, lending the space the best of both worlds.

An tidy office space at home
An tidy office space at home with painted accessories

Blue, which is thought to be associated with intellect, can also hel encourage productivity. Elements of Resene King Tide and Resene Time After Time have been added for this reason, including on the desk organisers and pegboard shelves while the other shelves have been painted Resene Smoulder to tie in the side wall colour and Resene Soulful for added interest. The side table, the pegboard background and the large white vase are in Resene Half Tea, a restful greyed off white, while the large vase is in Resene Influential to play off the mustard tones in the artwork and add further interest to the space.

As a quick and easy project, you can paint desk organisers in your favourite colour or to match the artwork or other details in your space. These were painted in Resene Soulful and allowed to dry. Then, using painter’s masking tape, create 45-degree angular lines. The bottom section of the pencil cup is painted Resene King Tide, the bottom of the magazine file is painted Resene Smoulder and the drawers of the paper file were painted Resene Smoulder, Resene Half Tea and Resene King Tide.

Finally, layered rugs on the floor provide some added warmth and softness while the round lilac rug helps to define the work area. To increase your comfort, purchase a matching throw to keep at your desk so that its always close at hand and you won’t even need to interrupt your work flow if you feel a chill coming on.

Paint: Wall: Resene Just Dance. Return Wall: Resene Smoulder. Floor: Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash. Peg Board & Shelves: Resene Half Tea with Resene Shilo, Resene King Tide and Resene Smoulder. Side Table: Resene Half Tea. Soft Woven Basket: Resene Half Tea. Large Rounded Vase: Resene Shilo. Large Angled Vase: Resene Influential. Tall Carafe Vase: Resene King Tide. Small Ribbed Vase: Resene Cleopatra. Small Fluted Vase: Resene Time After Time. Small Rounded Vase: Resene Shilo with Resene Just Dance painted feature. Desk Organiser: Resene Shilo with Resene Smoulder, Resene King Tide and Resene Half Tea drawers. Pencil Cup: Resene Shilo with Resene King Tide painted feature. Magazine Holder: Resene Shilo with Resene Smoulder painted feature. Plant Stand/Organiser Shelves: Resene Smoulder.

Accessories: Valencia Desk, Blaire Dining Chair in Navy, Brandon Dining Chair in Black, Olmec Office Chair in Gold/Brass, Abir Floor Rug, Nell Basket from Freedom Furniture; Nod Floor Lamp in Black/Brass, Kent Crofter Wall Clock in Black/Brass Retro Flip Clock in Black/Wood, Velo Stitch Cushion in Soft Pink from Nood; Braided Floor Rug in Pink, 3 Tier Industrial Style Caddy, Desk drawers, magazine holder and pencil cup, Jennifer Cotton Throw in Pink, Stationery and Office Supplies (stapler, notebooks, etc.) from Kmart; Pegboard from The Warehouse; Brass Plant Pot from H&M Home; Purse/Wallet from Miniso; Galactic Art Print by Alice Berry from Endemic World.

Resene Just Dance

Resene Smoulder

Resene King Tide

Resene Time After Time

Resene Soulful

Resene Influential

Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash

Resene Cleopatra

Styling by Laura Lynn Johnston. Photography by Bryce Carleton. 2019

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