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What to do with your kid’s old bedroom

Have your kids flown the coop? And by flown the coop we mean, graduated from university, is holding a steady job and married or living with a significant other with no signs of coming back home. If this is your current situation then you can probably stop holding on to their old bedroom and find a better use for it. 

A private gym

Complete with an indoor sauna, of course! The private gym is the classic redecoration move, but you know what? You don't need a lot of space to make an at-home gym the answer to your out-of-shape needs. Once you've cleared out all your kid's old stuff (make sure you give them a chance to save anything first) remaking the space is easy! Select one wall to be your accent wall, but instead of a paint colour, fill the space with mirrors – it's the perfect way to watch your form and your progress.

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How can painting your home be relaxing?

For many, the task of painting a new room can be quite dull. After all, people don't watch paint dry for fun, now do they? But we think just the opposite – watching paint can, in fact, be fun.

Picking out paint is a chance to invite a little bit of freshness into your home, and as long as you take your time, you can find the process quite relaxing. 

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