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Is it your diet, or your decor?

How hard is it to watch what you eat? Hard! You know you shouldn't eat a whole pizza, but something internally says you just have to, and naturally, you oblige. But you aren't alone, there is a little 'something' that eggs everyone on one way or another. Just what is that 'something' – and more importantly, how can you tune it out?

When crafting a diet plan, you consider several elements: lifestyle, exercise routine, metabolism, etc. However, have you stopped to consider the external factors? It's not just about individual foods and workout routines, it's also about what you see around the house. More specifically, it's the very colour of the kitchen or pantry. Believe it or not, but the tones we see in everyday life have a big impact on the subconscious. And one of those impacts includes appetite.

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What does the colour of your front door say about you?

When you were deciding to paint your front door, did you spend hours poring over the decision, or did you just pick the first colour that looked nice and matched your trim? Well, actually, you may not have just been selecting a colour – you were actually picking your personality!

The psychology behind the colours we choose to incorporate into our lives can be reflective of our natural character. That being said, what do you think a black door has to say about your decision? Do you think it evokes a warm welcome, or does it give you a less desirable curb appeal? Don't worry, that answer – and more – is revealed below:

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