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Nine ways with navy

Navy blue is a classic colour that will always be on trend, whether it's in the fashion arena or the home. Interior designers and homeowners cautious of using such a deep hue indoors should take a look at these creative tips to introduce the tone without making a house seem smaller and darker.

Statement wall

For those bold enough to paint walls in this colour, start small with a feature wall or two. Too much dark colour in one space can make rooms appear smaller, so try coating one wall in a shade like Resene Aviator and keeping the others neutral in a cream or white colour. Break up the dark expanse with contrasting mirrors, picture frames and pieces of art that will help the blue appear lighter and more interesting.

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Create a new effect with paint effects

Different paint finishes can give your room and furniture a completely new touch. Whether your home renovations involve colourwashing, ragrolling or sponging, here's what you need to know.


This is a two-step process where a colour is washed over a weaker basecoat colour. Resene Paint Effects Medium is used to produce an effect with different textures and tones. Usually, whites or off-whites are used as a basecoat, but lighter or more striking shades of colourwash can be used to create more interesting and dramatic finishes.

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Select the right gloss level for your painting project

If you're undergoing home renovations, stop to think about what level of gloss you want on each area of your home. It may have more of an impact than you think.

As a general rule, try not to use semi-gloss or gloss paints on ceilings or interior walls as they can highlight surface imperfections. Flat or low sheen paints are best for these areas as they reflect light back in a diffused form, which minimises surface imperfections.

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How your colour personality can dictate your interior design

Many people find themselves naturally gravitating towards certain colours, tones and styles when it comes to their interior design. This can appear in everything from paint choices through to furnishings and artwork, and you may not even realise you favour certain hues over others.

Research suggests our colour preferences may actually be driven by our personalities, and can tell us a lot about our personal style. To find out your colour personality take a look at the Resene test based on Johannes Itten's seasonal concepts, and read the following information to help you style your home.

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Paint colour trends for 2014

Homeowners undergoing renovations in 2014 may want to consider the hottest new trends in paint colours before getting stuck in. From radiant orchid through to sleek slate, there are no limits when it comes to sprucing up your home this year.

Radiant orchid

Officially announced by world colour experts Pantone as 2014's Colour of the Year, radiant orchid looks set to light up everything from clothing through to home decor this year.

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Painting your children’s rooms?

If you're planning on sprucing up your children's rooms, you can make the whole process a lot more fun by getting them involved.

The interior design of your children's rooms does not (necessarily) have to be in keeping with that of the rest of your house.

This is their personal space, and you can't let them put their stamp on it by allowing them to choose how it's decorated.

Ask your children what their favourite two colours are. Then, check out Resene's range of paint online and help them to pick a few shades that you both think would look great in their room.

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How will a curtain’s fabric affect your room?

Aesthetically, curtains can make a huge impact on a room. Their colour, design and finish can help tie in with a design theme or provide a point of difference in your home.

What you may not know is that the curtain fabric itself can have an effect on how much light and heat is allowed into a room.

Before you start redecorating your home this summer, find out which curtain weights are best for your space.

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Make the most of the new year with home renovations

It's always worthwhile to think about ways you can spruce up your home, and now may be the perfect time for some home renovations.

If you have a free weekend coming up, consider setting some time aside to work on a few of the following projects.


If you've ever dreamed of having really bold walls or a feature wall in a particular room, there's never been a better time to go for it. There are so many wallpaper options on the market, including textured, metallic and patterned options.

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Use paint to cool your home this summer

Our summers can get blisteringly hot, especially in homes that are exposed to all day direct sunlight.

Thankfully, there are energy-efficient ways to keep your home cooler this summer – and they can be as simple as a fresh lick of paint.

One way to keep your home from overheating is to paint the exterior in a light colour, such as white, cream or pale grey, as this will reflect both heat and light. Similarly, selecting light-coloured roof materials can be an effective way to avoid trapping heat.

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Top curtain tips from the experts

Adding or updating curtains in your home can serve many purposes, the most obvious being a quick and easy visual transformation. But there's lot more to curtains than meets the eye! Before you update your drapes, take a look at these pro tips to ensure your curtains look their best all year round.


Probably the most important part of the entire process is selecting the perfect curtains for your room. You have both fabric and design to consider, so don't rush this decision!

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