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2 top ways for property managers to increase rental income

Property managers looking to increase the amount of rent they receive or attract a wider pool of possible tenants should consider making a few small tweaks to their house. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh paint job and some insulation to turn a property into an attractive home in the eyes of a tenant.

A fresh paint job

A fresh, well-applied coat of paint can instantly lift a room and make it appear fresh and clean. If you're showing tenants through the property, make sure the front door and entrance to your home are painted to perfection. First impressions are everything in real estate, and if the entrance to your home looks clean and well maintained, this is what potential tenants will remember.

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Caring for your curtains

Once you've made the decision to hang curtains in your house, you may find they require cleaning over time. Open windows cause curtains to absorb moisture and dirt from outside, and dust and dirt from air vents and ceiling fans can also settle on the fabric. The dust that accumulates on curtains can be damaging to those with asthma or allergies, so it's a good idea to keep curtains as clean as possible.

To help ensure curtains look fresh, dust and vacuum them as part of your normal household cleaning routine. You can use anything from a feather duster to damp cloths, or a dusting attachment that will fit over your vacuum cleaner nozzle. Start at the top of the curtains, working your way down the fabric so the dust falls on to parts that are still to be cleaned.

Pay special attention to hems and folds, as this is often where the bulk of dust and dirt accumulates. If you use a damp cloth to clean the curtains, make sure you vacuum first to avoid spreading and smearing dust and dirt particles over the fabric. You don't have to take curtains off the rails to dust them, either. Leave them hanging and be sure to tend to both sides of the material.

If you think your curtains are due for a more thorough clean, it's important to consider the fabric used in their construction.

Some curtains, such as those made out of polyester, polyester blends, printed cotton, linen and hemp can be hand washed in warm water. Others, like velvets, raised woven fabrics, and anything with a viscose, acetate, silk or wool blend, should be dry cleaned on a low temperature and short cycle.

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How to involve your kids in your painting project

If the time has come for you to make renovations to your children's rooms, you may find they are eager to help.

From letting them select colour schemes right through to giving them a paintbrush, here are some ways you can get your kids involved in your next painting project.


If you're painting your kid's room, it's likely they'll want a say as to how it looks. Often this starts with what colour they want to paint the walls. Take them along to your local Resene ColorShop where they can browse through the Resene KidzColour range of paint colours. These shades have been specially designed for kids of all ages, and include bold bright colours along with metallic and soft pastels.

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Four ways to use leftover wallpaper

Wallpaper is an interior design trend that is only gaining in momentum. When you've finished updating your feature walls with fresh new designs, you may find yourself with leftover paper and nowhere to put it.

If this happens to you, fear not. There are plenty of creative ways you can use that leftover wallpaper and keep your home looking great.

Drawer liners

While your houseguests may never see the inside of your drawers, you are faced with them every day! Liven up this small space by lining the bottom of your drawers with leftover squares of wallpaper. You'll get a flash of colour and print every time you open the drawers, and it can be a subtle way to carry a theme throughout a room.

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Let the ocean inspire your renovations

Whether you live beside the sea or are as far inland as you can get, the ocean can provide fantastic inspiration for your home renovations.

Whitewashed wood

If you're lucky enough to have a home featuring timber accents, step things up a notch by giving them a whitewash finish. This will add a fantastic light, breezy beach vibe to your home, and is easy to achieve with Resene Colorwood Whitewash.

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Did you know you can get a colour consultation for your home?

If you're undergoing home renovations you might be wondering how certain colours and styles  will look in your home. Maybe you've got a fetish for fuchsia but you're not sure if it will fit in with your family room, or you're considering coating your bathroom walls baby blue.

Before you rush out and stock up on paint and curtains for your big project, why not book in a Resene Colour Consultation?

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Design a wheelchair accessible space

Designers tasked with undergoing renovations on a home to make it wheelchair-friendly may feel daunted at first. With these tips, however, you'll find the task may be easier than you think.


Bathrooms are one of the most important places to update for a resident in a wheelchair. The biggest priority will be ensuring the room is large enough for a wheelchair to manoeuvre around. Make sure there's clear space in front of each fixture and between the sink and toilet. This allows for the person in the wheelchair to move about with greater ease, and should provide enough space for a caregiver too.

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Redecorating on a budget

Sometimes you want to give your house a spruce up but don't have the finances to splash out on elaborate renovations.

For those hoping to save some cash while still making their house look brand new, follow these tips.

Clean up

Sometimes all it takes to get a house looking like a castle is a thorough spring clean. This goes beyond simply taking out the rubbish and rearranging the clothes piled up on your floor – it involves washing your curtains, windows and even waterblasting your driveway.

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Get decorating inspiration from the movies

Home decorating ideas can be found in many places, so why not think outside the box?

When you're renovating your home this summer, look to your favourite films for inspiration. Here's some of our top picks.

The Devil Wears Prada

Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Streep, is a magazine editor with an edge in this film, yet her home is decorated with classic, elegant decor. Her timeless living room has French touches and drips with glamour.

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Treat your home to a graphic black and white makeover

The combination of black and white is a timeless classic.

Often used in fashion, such as Audrey Hepburn's iconic dress and the unofficial Derby Day dress code, the trend has started to seep into interior decorating.

If you're thinking about undertaking home renovations, why not opt for a monochromatic palette?

Lovers of black and white who are feeling bold could opt for coating their walls with the colours. Resene All Black could be a daring choice for a feature wall, with the other surfaces painted a crisp white or Resene Alabaster to offset the darkness.

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