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Add some bright, playful colours to your life, like this piece made by Austen Booker, with help from his mum.

Art project

During the July school holidays, Austen attended a class at Paint ‘n’ Sip where he was taught how to bring characters to life with fluoro paints and stencils. With Resene’s range of neon paints, you can create this, too. There’s no excuse not to add splashes of colour to your life, and even put a blacklight to good use!

Finished painting in fluro colours
If you have a blacklight, turn off all other lights and watch your masterpiece shine.


Any of the following Resene FX Fluoro paints:

Paint a fluro painting

Resene testpots in fluro colours


  1. For the best fluoro effect, paint the whole canvas in Resene White first.

  2. Think of the canvas as in three sections. Start from the bottom, painting one of your Resene FX Fluoro colours over it. Then do that two more times, over the other two thirds.

  3. If you’re in a rush to finish your masterpiece, use a hairdryer to dry the base.

  4. Repeat Step 2 to get a nice, bold base. (And repeat Step 3 if you want to dry it faster.)

  5. Take your pencil and trace around your stencil. Do this freehand if you want to.

  6. Take a fine paintbrush and trace over the pencil line with Resene All Black.

  7. Next, fill in the character with a thicker paintbrush, once again using Resene All Black.

  8. Like Austen’s, you might like your character to stand on a hill, or something similar, so it’s not just sitting there in the middle of the picture.

  9. Finish off by flicking Resene Alabaster onto the top of the canvas to look like it’s a night full of stars.

Spring 2019

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Projects from Family Times magazine
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