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Wrapped in style

Craft with Resene, from the Australian Women's Weekly

Create elegantly adorned gifts in classic black and white, – it’s all easily achieved using wallpaper.

Make gift wrapping paper
The best thing about using wallpaper
for gift-wrapping is its quality

The best thing about using wallpaper for gift-wrapping is its quality. No more torn edges or rips in thin, cheap Christmas paper. Try these tips for presents that look professionally wrapped.

What you need

  • Resene Noir testpot and testpot paint brush
  • Boxes for odd-shaped gifts
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Decorations: we used a variety of black and white ribbons, string, wooden lettering and shapes, faux berries and beads
  • Fine floristry wire, craft pliers, ribbon and beads were used for the mini wreath
  • Resene wallpaper Can be purchased in full rolls or 1m cut lengths. We used Resene wallpaper:

    Resene 303975, Resene FD23843, Resene FD23826, Resene RD125, Resene RD124, Resene 25910


  1. Create a clean, tidy work space before you start to create.

  2. Find the right box for each gift. Wrapping a box makes it much easier to get a perfect finish. Boxes with lids that fit over the lower section are harder to cover, because the top is wider than the bottom. If you want crisp corners and edges, use boxes with flat, even sides.

  3. When cutting paper, make sure it’s not too big or you’ll end up with bulky folded ends. Use double-sided tape to stick paper to one side of the box first. This will hold everything neatly in place as you start wrapping. Ideally you want to hide the main seam, so placing it on the side or underside of the box is best.

  4. Using hot glue for the seams is just as effective as using tape, but a lot neater. Tape can peel and look unsightly if it’s not transparent and evenly trimmed. If you decide to use glue, place glue as close to the edges as possible. Run your thumb and forefinger along the edges of the box to create crisp creases and pull everything tight so there is no sagging paper. Once you have wrapped all the boxes you can get creative and have fun with decorations and labels.

    Note: Resene’s range of paintable wallpapers make wrapping fun. We painted Wallpaper Collection RD125 in Resene Noir to make a contrasting band around our present (see below, left).

Paint colours
Resene paintable wallpaper painted in Resene Noir.
Things you will need
How to make bunting

Make bunting using scraps of wallpaper

  1. Fold paper in half and cut a small triangle leaving the folded edge uncut.

  2. Open up the triangle and place the folded part over twine (see above). Glue together. Continue until you have enough triangles for the length of your present with a small gap between each. Wrap the present with plenty of twine and add the bunting twine.

Make a miniature beaded wreath

  1. Bend the end of a piece of floristry wire so the beads will stay on the wire. Poke the wire through the end of the ribbon followed by a bead (see below).

  2. Make a fold in the ribbon and thread on another bead. Continue until you have enough to make a small complete circle. Cut the ribbon.

  3. Twist the two wire ends together and cut using craft pliers. Cover the wire ends with a small ribbon bow, trim and attach to the present.
Bend the wire and thread the beads
Thread on more beads


Resene Noir

Project by Marsha Smith, December 2019

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