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Skater clocks

Craft with Resene, from the Australian Women's Weekly

Whichever clock you choose to make, start by giving the skate deck a light sand and dust. Find the centre of the board and drill a hole 10mm in diameter, or big enough to fit your clock hands and movement mechanism.

Skater clocks

Adorn your walls with these fun, stand out clocks.

What you'll need

Make a skater clock

Black and white stripes

  1. The natural colour of the board is a nice contrast with Resene Black in this design. Start by putting a strip of masking tape across the bottom of the board where it curves up.

  2. Working your way up the board to the top curve, cut and stick pieces of masking tape at various angles to create a herringbone effect (pic A). There are no rules here except trying to make the space between each piece of tape the same. Use a pencil and ruler to help guide you. When you reach the top curve, put another piece of tape across the width, as at the bottom of the board.

  3. Make sure your tape lines are all evenly cut and not overhanging into the negative space where your paint will go. Press all the tape down firmly to create a good seal.

  4. Without overloading your brush, start painting Resene Black over the entire taped section. Don’t forget to paint along the edges at the same time. Leave to dry, then apply a second coat. When the second coat is dry, carefully pull back the masking tape to reveal your fabulous design!

  5. Stick on clockface numbers around the drilled centre point, checking the position in relation to the clock hands. Attach the clock mechanism and hands to complete.


  1. For this design, it’s easier to pick your patterned paper first, then choose paint colours to match. Find a range of patterns that work well together as well as creating tonal contrasts.
  2. The triangles measure 5cm along the base and 5cm high to the top point. Use the ruler and pencil to draw the pattern outline on the board. Starting at the centre of the board, draw horizontal lines across the width at 5cm intervals until the entire board is covered. Then on every second line make a mark every 5cm. Join up these points to create your triangles (see diagram below).

  3. Use this same method to measure, draw and cut triangles from your patterned paper. A sharp craft knife and a metal ruler work best for clean edges.

Skater clocks diamonds

Diagrame A
Diagrame B
Triangle diagramme
  1. Using a small paintbrush, paint different triangles on the board with Resene colours. The pattern can be as random or as ordered as you like. Unless you have two paint colours together, you don’t have to worry about keeping within the lines, as the paper triangles will cover it up (pic B).

  2. Glue the patterned paper triangles onto the board in the same way, separating patterns so you avoid having two of the same side by side.

  3. Add clockface numbers and clock mechanism as described in step 5 of the black striped design.

You can now hang your timely masterpiece on the wall, using picture-hanging wire and eyelets or removable mounting strips.

Project by Marsha Smith, April 2018

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