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A feast for the eyes
Food and paint – you’d think they don’t have much in common, yet both are linked inextricably to dining.

Look through any Resene colour chart and you’ll see a generous sprinkling of colour names inspired by food – from kiwi inspired Resene Pavlova through to Resene Paua, Resene Hot Chocolate to Resene Melting Moment – it seems that food is the inspiration for a lot more than just eating. And then there’s Tea, in the form of Resene Tea, one of the most popular colours of this decade.

For most eating experiences we’re surrounded by walls, whether they be in a restaurant or in our own homes and whether we like it or not, the eating experience is affected by the environment we eat in. Is it bold and exciting with the striking red of Resene Jalapeno or relaxed and soothing with Resene Coconut Cream? Each lends itself to a different kind of food and a different dining experience.

Inspired by Visa Wellington On a Plate, Resene has put together a tasty colour collection, a sumptuous feast for the eyes. Make the most of your dining experiences and dress up your walls. Some of these colours are from older Resene colour charts. Large swatches of most colours can be viewed at Resene owned ColorShops in the Resene colour library. Once you’ve chosen your favourites, our Resene ColorShop staff can tint them for you.

When it comes to decorating your dining space here’s some tips to keep in mind:

Bon appetit!

Resene Alfresco Resene Anglaise Resene Apple Green Resene Apricot Resene Arrowroot
Resene Aubergine Resene Avocado Resene Barbecue Resene Barista Resene Bavarian Cream
Resene Bay Leaf Resene Bean Resene Biscotti Resene Bite Me Resene Bitter Lemon
Resene Bittersweet Resene Black Bean Resene Black Forest Resene Black Russian Resene Blackberry
Resene Blackcurrant Resene Bluegrass Resene Bourbon Resene Brandy Resene Brandy Punch
Resene Brie Resene Brown Pod Resene Brown Sugar Resene Brownie Points Resene Bubblegum
Resene Butter Resene Buttercup Resene Buttered Rum Resene Buttermilk Resene Cab Sav
Resene Cafe Royale Resene Caffeine Resene Cajun Resene Candy Floss Resene Caper
Resene Cappuccino Resene Caramel Resene Caraway Resene Celery Resene Chablis
Resene Champagne Resene Chardonnay Resene Cheers Resene Chelsea Cucumber Resene Cherry Pie
Resene Chocolate Resene Chocolate Brownie Resene Chocolate Fish Resene Cinnamon Resene Cioccolato
Resene Citrus Resene Claret Resene Clotted Cream Resene Cocktail Resene Cocoa Bean
Resene Cocoa Brown Resene Coconut Cream Resene Cod Grey Resene Coffee Resene Coffee Bean
Resene Coffee Break Resene Cognac Resene Cola Resene Cold Turkey Resene Coriander
Resene Corn Resene Crab Apple Resene Cracker Resene Cranberry Resene Cream Brulee
Resene Cumin Resene Dairy Cream Resene Dark Ginger Resene Dark Rum Resene Deep Chocolate
Resene Double Barbecue Resene Double Barista Resene Double Biscotti Resene Double Caffiene Resene Double Cod Grey
Resene Double Drought Resene Lemon Grass Resene Double Masala Resene Double Pavlova Resene Double Rice Cake
Resene Double Tea Resene Double Truffle Resene Double Tuna Resene Duck Egg Blue Resene English Sage
Resene Envy Resene Espresso Resene Essential Cream Resene Feijoa Resene Fish N Chips
Resene Fizz Resene Fruit Salad Resene Fudge Resene Galliano Resene Gelato
Resene Gobstopper Resene Gooseberry Resene Granny Apple Resene Granny Smith Resene Grape
Resene Grapevine Resene Green Pea Resene Half Baked Resene Half Biscotti Resene Half Duck Egg Blue
Resene Half Pavlova Resene Half Rice Cake Resene Half Tea Resene Half Truffle Resene Half Tuna
Resene Happy Hour Resene High Tea Resene Hot Chocolate Resene Hot Curry Resene Hot N Spicy
Resene Hot Toddy Resene House White Resene Ice Cold Resene Irish Coffee Resene Irresistible
Resene Jacko Bean Resene Jaffa Resene Jalapeno Resene Jambalaya Resene Jelly
Resene Jelly Bean Resene Juicy Resene Korma Resene Latte Resene Lemon
Resene Lemon Ginger Resene Lemon Grass Resene Lemon Twist Resene Lemoncello Resene Licorice
Resene Lime Resene Lollipop Resene Lolly Scramble Resene Mai Tai Resene Manuka Honey
Resene Marshmallow Resene Martini Resene Marzipan Resene Masala Resene Melon Orange
Resene Melting Moment Resene Merlot Resene Milk Chocolate Resene Milk Punch Resene Mimosa
Resene Miso Resene Moccaccino Resene Mocha Resene Mojito Resene Moscato
Resene Muesli Resene Mulberry Resene Mulled Wine Resene Mustard Resene Nougat
Resene Nutmeg Resene Oh Behave Resene Onion Resene Orange Roughy Resene Oyster Bay
Resene Oyster Pink Resene Pale Oyster Resene Paprika Resene Parsley Resene Party Mix
Resene Paua Resene Pavlova Resene Peach Resene Peanut Resene Peppermint
Resene Persimmon Resene Pesto Resene Pink Panther Resene Pipi Resene Pizza
Resene Plum Resene Popcorn Resene Pumpkin Resene Quarter Biscotti Resene Quarter Masala
Resene Quarter Pavlova Resene Quarter Tea Resene Quarter Truffle Resene Quarter Tuna Resene Raspberry
Resene Red Berry Resene Red Hot Resene Rice Cake Resene Rich Cream Resene Root Beer
Resene Roti Resene Rum Resene Saffron Resene Sage Resene Salsa
Resene Salt Box Resene Sambuca Resene Sangria Resene Sauvignon Resene Scampi
Resene Scrumptious Resene Seaweed Resene Shiraz Resene Shirley Temple
Resene Smooth Cream Resene Souffle Resene Sour Dough Resene Soya Bean Resene Spice
Resene Spicy Mix Resene Spicy Pink Resene Spirulina Resene Sugar And Spice Resene Sugar Cane
Resene Sushi Resene Sweet As Resene Sweet Corn Resene Sweet Spot Resene Swiss Coffee
Resene Tamarillo Resene Tandoori Resene Tangerine Resene Tea Resene Tequila
Resene Tia Maria Resene Toast Resene Toffee Resene Triple Pavlova Resene Triple Truffle
Resene Trout Resene Truffle Resene Tuna Resene Tumeric Resene Tutti Frutti
Resene Vanilla Resene Vanilla Ice Resene Vindaloo Resene Wasabi Resene Whiskey
Resene Whiskey Sour Resene Wild Rice Resene Wineberry Resene Zest Resene Zuccini

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