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ColorSteel® wall

Here’s a good old typical wall job we completed last week that involves pounce patterns that we’ll use twice, Resene paint, scaffold and a sunny day.

patterns in place for signwriting on a concrete wall

Signwriting on a concrete wall

Once we had worked out where our vertical centre line was to be, we snapped a blue chalkline for quick reference and no mistakes. It was a matter of setting up our patterns as per the previous pic and pouncing the lettering onto the wall. You’ll notice my son got the dusty dirty job here, hey, I’ve done my time getting covered in blue chalk!

Patterns ready for painting

Once our patterns were removed it really was a matter of get ya brush out and sling some paint. What you’re seeing here is a first coat using Resene Concrete Primer which an important factor when dealing with brand new tilt slab concrete walls like this. The wall was water blasted ready for us and the Resene Concrete Primer helps negate any problems with the lime and other nasties which leech out of the new concrete. This can cause you serious problems if you’re not careful, particularly if you’re painting in a large solid colour background. Because this is a new unpainted concrete wall I didn’t want any failures further down the track.

Fine detail painting

Here I am doing my “Mike Meyer” way of lettering, no mahl stick as your “pinky” is your stable guide. Great fun but I had to be very careful here as the bold colours stain the concrete if I go off my pre painted lettering.

Finished sign

All done, packed up ready to leave. I only used a mahl stick for that small lettering at the bottom plus the ® & ™ letters. I have to say, that concrete was the smoothest wall job I have ever done and also the Resene Concrete Primer base made it even better to write. I wish all wall jobs were like this.

Signwriter: Jeff Harvey


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