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Bring your driveway back to life

From the Resene product range, Resene Blacktop

First impressions count! And for many of us, the first thing our visitors and we see when we go home is a very well worn driveway.

Resene Blacktop

Luckily Resene has products available to help you spruce up this part of your home without breaking the bank.

If your asphalt driveway is looking the worse for wear, it can be easily reconditioned using Resene Blacktop. Resene Blacktop is a cold-applied, heavy bodied, slip resistant topping for use on asphalt. Based on a bitumen emulsion with graded fillers, Resene Blacktop dries to produce a durable weather and wear resistant finish. For best results apply with a Resene hi-solids roller or large areas can be sprayed.

It’s ideal for use on paths, driveways, tennis courts and other recreational areas and is Environmental Choice approved. While the most popular colour option is black, it is also available in red and green. The availability and DIY ease of laying cold asphalt means you can easily fill small potholes before applying Resene Blacktop.

Resene Blacktop driveway coating

Not only will Resene Blacktop renew and refurbish old asphalt driveways, once applied it looks fresh and new. If you’re lucky enough to have a tennis court, it is a relatively inexpensive way to refurbish asphalt tennis courts. The lines can be redone using Resene Lumbersider.

Resene Blacktop - green
Resene Blacktop - red
Resene Blacktop - black

If you have a concrete driveway or paths that are in reasonably good condition but have discoloured because of moss, mould and other contaminants, then it’s time for a good wash.

Resene Deep Clean and Paint Prep and Housewash

You can either use Resene Paint Prep and Housewash for an instant fresher appearance, or apply Resene Deep Clean. Resene Deep Clean is a spray on and leave on product. It then works with the weather to slowly clean up the surface. It’s an ideal product to spray every 6-12 months to keep a surface cleaner.

Don’t come home to a tired looking driveway – rejuvenate it with Resene.

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