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Resene Summit Roof in action on a building exterior

Resene Summit Roof in action on a building exterior
While Resene Summit Roof is most commonly used on roofs, it can also be used on building exteriors.

This old barn was being refurbished into a holiday home. The roof and exterior were tired long-run roofing and the developer chose to use Resene Summit Roof tinted to Resene Bokara Grey.

The Resene Summit Roof was sprayed on the exterior wall and roof areas.

Resene Summit Roof uses the very latest acrylic polymer technology and has excellent corrosion resistance and durability to UV as demonstrated in comparative weathering results from our Salt Fog testing machine. A Salt Fog test is used for testing coatings used over galvanised and steel. It creates a highly corrosive atmosphere combining high humidity and salt laden air – similar to a panel above the high tide mark on a jetty or wharf. As you can see from the test panels, Resene Summit Roof easily outperformed other paint systems that suffered significant rusting.


Resene Summit Roof in action on a building exterior

Resene Summit Roof paint

5152 Hours – Galvanised Steel

Resene Summit Roof paint compared with other brands of roof paint

1988 Hours – Mild Steel

Resene Summit Roof has a modern satin finish, matching that of COLORSTEEL®, so surface imperfections are reduced and application easier than a higher gloss finish. This reduces the need to go back and fix up any imperfections in the paintwork.

It is available with Resene CoolColour™ technology to reflect more of the sun’s energy.

While it can be used direct to substrate on some surfaces, our proximity to the sea means most areas are effectively a marine environment and the film-build achieved with three coats (primer and two coats of Resene Summit Roof) significantly improves durability and performance, especially on edges, where corrosion starts.

From a DIY perspective, when you are painting (or have painted) your own roof, you want premium quality so you can be assured the roof is well protected, will not prematurely fail and that it will continue to look good – this represents better value.

Master Painters voted Resene Summit Roof the best new paint product after it was launched. 


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