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Terrific tradespeople: 3 tips for small business

From the Resene Trade blog

If you're a tradesperson with your own business, it can sometimes get overwhelming ensuring you meet your clients' demands while maintaining a work-life balance.

3 tips for small business

In order to make your business succeed, there are a few things to keep on top of. Here are three tips to help make your painting, building or home decorating business the best it can be.

Start the day right

You may be the only face behind your business or you could just have a select handful of staff. Either way, it's important the people behind a trade business are in the right frame of mind for success.

Starting the day right is key to having a productive day, which is for the benefit of your company. Having a stable routine in the mornings can help, as does a hearty breakfast.

Choosing to exercise in the morning isn't for everyone, but it can help get you in the right state of mind to conquer the rest of the working day.

Develop a marketing strategy

While word of mouth referrals from previous clients can secure more business for your company, it's essential not to rely on this alone.

The authenticity of recommendations shouldn't be underrated, but it's important to also have a marketing strategy that guides your company into the future.

You might need to obtain some professional help to develop your strategy, but the results are worth it. If you haven't done so already, it's a good idea to establish what your trading business' unique selling proposition is. For instance, are you the only business in your suburb that can do both paint and wallpaper jobs? Perhaps you've got the most comprehensive paint and wallpaper selection, or you offer a free visit-and-quote service to potential customers.

Once you've established what makes you stand out from the crowd, you can focus on outlining your business objectives, positioning and promotional tactics (ie your marketing communications).

If this all seems a bit foreign or confusing, consult with a professional to produce a marketing strategy. Once you've come up with a complete strategy for your business, it's important to continue to review it on a regular basis to ensure you're meeting the objectives set.

Build contacts

While your business may construct decks or make significant renovations, the building doesn't stop here. It's essential to also focus on building your contacts within the local industry. Being friendly with suppliers in your area may help secure competitive trade discounts. That's not to mention the benefit of being on good terms with suppliers – they're more likely to go that extra mile for you if you urgently require certain materials or want advice on popular paint colours or other materials essential for the job.

April 12, 2014

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