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How to make an Easter bunny post

Habitat bright ideas with Fleur Thorpe – DIY projects

Make an Easter bunny post to decorate your dining room table for Easter celebrations. Fleur Thorpe shows you how.

You will need


Step 1:  Start by cutting the 90mm x 42mm pine wood into three lengths - 15cm, 20cm and 25cm. Sand any rough edges smooth. (Photo 1).

Step 2:  Paint the smallest piece of wood in Resene Quarter Milk White, the middle sized wood in Resene Truffle and the largest piece in Resene Irish Coffee. (Photo 2).

Step 3:  While the paint is drying, use scissors to cut three pairs of bunny ears from some scrap cardboard/old cardboard box. (Photo 3).

Step 4:  Paint the smallest pair of ears in Resene Quarter Milk White, the middle sized ears in Resene Truffle and the largest ears in Resene Irish Coffee. Once this paint is dry, paint on the inner ear using Resene Hopskotch. (Photo 4).

Step 5:  Use Resene Black and a small artist paintbrush to paint on the eyes and eyebrows. With a toothpick, paint on a small dot of Resene Quarter Milk White for the shine in the eye. (Photo 5).

Step 6:  Use a small piece of foam to dab Resene Hopskotch lightly on to the cheeks. Do this with a minimal amount of paint by dabbing the foam lightly into the paint then scraping the paint off on the edge of the paint pot. Next, paint on a triangular nose with Resene Rouge. (Photo 6).

Step 7:  Finish off the face by adding a mouth and whiskers with Resene Black. (Photo 7).

Step 8:  For the ears, cut a slit at the bottom, bend the two flaps back and mould the ears into shape. (Photo 8).

Step 9:  Staple the ears on to the top of the head with a staple gun. (Photo 9).

Step 10:  Finish by tying a ribbon around the ears on each of the bunnies. (Finished project).

Top tip:  For a two tone effect, add a little white to the bunny body colour and mix with Resene FX Paint Effects. Then brush on in a random manner to represent fur. Do the same with the ears so they match.

Project and images by Fleur Thorpe. March 2021.

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