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How to make a concrete plant stand

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Easy DIY: Concrete plant stand

Concrete plant stand

Slightly Scandi and very cool, this concrete plant stand is a stylish addition to any home. And the best part? It’s really easy to make.

You will need: Resene 10L plastic bucket, premix concrete, jug of water, Resene testpots in Resene Nero, Resene Half Silver Chalice, Resene Abercrombie and Resene Rolling Fog, 3 wooden dowels, measuring tape, masking tape.

Top tip: If you're worried about getting the legs even in length, simply use two buckets; mix concrete in the first bucket, and pour a layer into the second bucket. Set the dowels, and then pour in the rest of the concrete around it.

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Step by step instructions

Step 1
Step one
Pour the premix concrete into the bucket, stopping at the level you'd like the table top to be.
Step 2
Step two
Pour in the Resene Nero testpot, and then add enough water to wet the concrete. Don’t overwater the concrete, otherwise it won’t set.
Step 3
Step three
Mix thoroughly.
Step 4
Step four
Dig the dowels deeply into the concrete, stopping about 4cms above the bottom. Use a measuring tape to make sure the dowels are equal distance apart.
Step 5
Step five
Pack the concrete tightly around the dowels. This will make it easier to pull the concrete table top out when it's set. Use the measuring tape once again to check the dowels lengths are equal.
Step 6
Step six
Using a damp cloth, wipe away any concrete splatters on the dowels. Tape the dowels in place with masking tape, and set aside for seven days.
Step 7
Step seven
Use the masking tape and Resene testpots to create a dipped paint effect on the dowel legs. We've used Resene Half Silver Chalice, Resene Abercrombie and Resene Rolling Fog. Remove the tape and leave to dry.

Step 8
Step eight
To remove, wiggle the set concrete in the bucket using the dowels. Don't be afraid to use force (it's concrete!).

Project by Leigh Stockton. Styling by Claudia Kozub. Photography by Flash Studios.

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