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Tactile texture

Project ideas and inspiration from Good magazine

Welcome texture into your room by using leftover Resene Anaglypta wallpaper to accentuate furniture and décor items.

Re-covering a lampshade and cabinet door in wallpaper are simple ways to add visual interest to your bedroom. Although you could use any Resene wallpaper for this project, the best part with Resene Anaglypta wallpaper is that it can be re-painted should you wish to change your colour scheme in the future!

Accentuate furniture with Anaglypta wallpaper

Wall painted in Resene Rice Cake, conch shell painted in Resene Quarter Rice Cake, pot painted in Resene Liquid Gold. Bedding: Resene Living Adara duvet cover set in Botticelli and Resene Living Noora European pillowslip in Thumbs Up. Artwork made from Resene Wallpaper Collection ONB102696234.

What you'll need

Additional materials for the cabinet:

Step by step instructions


Tactile texture - Step 1Step 1
Paint your wallpaper in your chosen Resene testpot colour. Allow to dry completely between coats. Measure the height and diameter of your lamp and add 2cm to the width measurement so that the ends overlap when wrapped around the lamp shade. Mark this measurement and cut out.

Tactile texture - Step 2Step 2
On one end of the short ends of the wallpaper, attach double-sided tape to the wrong side and fold the paper over by 1cm.

Tactile texture - Step 3Step 3
Run double-sided tape along the top and bottom of the wrong side of the wallpaper.

Tactile texture - Step 4Step 4
Line the wallpaper up with the edges of the lampshade and overlap the ends, securing with double-sided tape.

Tactile texture - Step 5Step 5
Attach double-sided tape to the top and bottom of the lampshade.

Tactile texture - Step 6Step 6
Starting from the seam at the back of the lamp, wrap the bias binding around the top of the lampshade. Overlap the ends and secure using PVA glue.

Tactile texture - Step 7Step 7
Apply PVA glue to the inside rim and fold the bias binding down. Secure with pegs until the glue has dried. Repeat on the other end.

Tactile texture - Step 8Step 8
Once the glue is completely dry, run painter’s tape around the inside of the lampshade underneath the bias binding. Paint the entire piece of fabric in the same Resene colour as your lampshade. Get creative and paint the base in complementary colours.

Cabinet creativity

Cut the Resene wallpaper to the dimensions of your cabinet door or drawers. Remove any hardware such as handles or knobs. Mix the wallpaper size according to the packet directions and use a testpot brush to coat the cabinet door evenly with the size. Lay your wallpaper over the door and use a clean cloth to gently smooth it out to the sides and corners. Paint the entire piece of furniture in Resene Enamacryl in your choice of colour. Reattach hardware once the paint is dry.

Resene Liquid Gold

Project by Shani Luckman. Photography Amanda Reelick.

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August 2023

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