Above: Wide wraparound steps lead up to the veranda, and are painted in Resene Stack. The weatherboards are in Resene Seashell and the veranda posts are in Resene Black. Below left: A vanguard of bangalow palms provides a dramatic entrance to the property, with a glimpse of the Resene Woodsmoke painted house. Below right: The strappy leaves of clivia and palms line the side path. The weatherboards of the house are painted in Resene Woodsmoke. Resene Burnt Crimson Resene Black Resene Seashell “What I wanted with the Resene Woodsmoke was the colour of oil… the sheen and shades you saw in different lights.” as well as an events contractor for the Taranaki Arts Festival Trust. “We have had different colours over the years – colours that were fashionable in the 80s as well as what Ian calls ‘Oakura grey’, a shade of beige.” “What I wanted with the Resene Woodsmoke was the colour of oil and that’s the closest I could find… It was the sheen and shades you saw in different lights. I wanted something like that which was dark but not black.” The exterior tones are bright yet timeless, with the garden and trees enhancing this aesthetic. Helen enlisted the help of a landscape designer friend to draw up a garden plan, which then evolved. “I don’t think that I’m a particularly avid gardener to be perfectly honest, but I like everything nice and tidy.” She and Ian clearly possess some skill, however, because the garden is structured with something to see from every angle. A collection of bangalow palms is striking as you enter the property – their stout trunks resemble columns, providing drama and vertical interest. At their base is a mat of Chinese star jasmine, while a well-established aloe vera plant and another unusual specimen with a red pineapple-type flower, break up the groupings of green foliage. Around the corner, the park houses a range of productive trees including macadamia, bay and avocado. A tall clipped hedge of the scented shrub michelia frames the front door, which is painted in Resene Pohutukawa. Helen’s favourite colour is red but she is cautious of over-using it, satisfying herself with its vibrant sheen on the exterior and interior doors. At ground level there is a combination of the glossy leaves of Ligularia reniformis, a reddy-coloured ground cover and a cycad palm. Together they edge a 76