F rom a full-on pink dining room, a bold character bathroom, a hidden bright blue exterior and a bespoke mural, many of the winners of this year’s awards used colour in very unexpected ways. Here’s a look at the residential winners from the awards, as well as the project that scooped the supreme prize. The Residential Interior Maestro (runner up) award went to Sonia van der Haar of Lymesmith for a house that used bold colour as well as featuring an abstract mural that brought many of the colours together (left). The kitchen wall is painted in Resene Countdown while the mural features Resene Unwind, Resene Mustang, Resene Quarter Pearl Lusta, Resene Triple Tea and Resene Prussian Blue, as well as a Resene custom made pink and green. Resene Countdown and Resene Mustang are from older colour collections; try Resene Raging Bull and Resene Dynamite as alternatives. The judges commented: “Adventurous and fun, this home deliberately plays with colour to celebrate the owners’ individuality. Dual colour palettes are interwoven and respond to artwork, furniture and each other in unexpected ways. Colour rules were made to be broken. This home wholeheartedly embraces a fearless love of colour.” Both the Residential Interior category and the Residential Exterior award were won by Gerald Parsonson and Zac Vermuelen of Wellington-based Parsonson Architects for a Te Horo bach that used a variety of Resene colours both inside and out. Subtle and softly retro, the weathered beachy tones of the exterior gently settle this home into its Unexpected colour use was a highlight of this year’s Resene Total Colour Awards. Resene Quarter Pearl Lusta Resene Unwind a little unexpected Resene Mustang Resene Raging Bull Resene Countdown Resene Dynamite Resene Prussian Blue Resene Triple Tea 33 Resene Total Colour Awards