Chia is a textured sheer that is anything but plain. The weave uses different thicknesses and brightness in threads to create depth and direction. It comes in four colourways: Blonde, Latte, Stone (pictured) and Slate. Generation is an impressive jacquard design. As it is in a larger scale, this stunning tree motif is designed to make rooms look larger and more inviting. It comes in three colourways: Naturalle (pictured with Resene Half Oilskin), Mocha and Bud. Momento is a stripe with a twist. The distressed style weave breaks up the fabric with both texture and colour, allowing the stripe to soften for any setting. It comes in Mocha and Stone (pictured). Connection is a fil-coupé sheer - all the best qualities of a light voile, and with the circular movement of fil-coupé swirls. It comes in two colourways: Blonde (pictured) and Merlot. Silhouette is an organic spin on the geo trend. The pattern is similar to the centre of a peacock feather, adding to the drama of the wave pattern. It comes in Bud (pictured with walls in Resene Destiny), Hydra, Mocha and Stone. Tangent is an edgy jacquard which is perfect for the modern-industrial trend. The distorted stripe stands out in sophisticated greyscale, recommended to pair with monochromatic tones and bold accent colours. It comes in one colourway, Slate (pictured). View the full collection online, and find your nearest curtain specialist or Resene ColorShop at curtains. Echelon uses stripes and softens the look with a woven distortion fade. This deconstruction makes the fabric much more suitable for the modern setting, trending towards an ombre look over sharp lines. It comes in four colourways: Blonde (pictured), Earth, Ebony and Naturalle. Evolve is a distorted leaf design which harmoniously combines the chic industrial trend with a classic natural motif. It comes in Blonde and Hydra (pictured). Intersection is a fabric that brings Art Deco style into the modern world. The bold metallic trellis pattern contrasts with the textured background; reminiscent of luxury, but sophisticated in execution. It comes in Naturalle, Hydra and Charcoal (pictured). Resene Half Black White 21