A place to rest The entranceway of this home would be large enough to include a chair – maybe a cool retro peacock chair, painted in Resene Coast. It’s good to be able to include some relaxing space to sit to watch the world go by. When painting outdoor furniture use Resene Lumbersider (low sheen), Resene Lustacryl (semi-gloss) or Resene Enamacryl for a glossier finish. Resene Alabaster Resene Half Periglacial Blue Resene Blue Night A soothing scheme Nothing says relaxed beach style more than a range of soft blues, pale greys and seafoam whites. The weatherboards here are Resene Half Periglacial Blue, accented with a Resene Blue Night door and Resene Alabaster trims. Handy storage Make a handy storage trunk to stow all those bits and pieces of outdoor life, from kids' balls and toys, to cushions for the outdoor furniture. See how to make this one on page 72. Unovent® reduces window condensation and moisture build-up in drapes, carpet and furniture - which in turn prevents rot, mould and mildew (major causes of asthma and allergies). Unovent® is simple to install, is whisper-quiet, and has a running cost of less than $1 per month! Unovent® now offers PollenGuard® protection. No more harmful spores, smog or pollen particles! PollenGuard® With HELIX™ Filter Technology Ph 09 950 4436 or buy online www.unovent.co.nz A dry, warm and healthy home is now within reach 18 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS + INTEREST FREE Resene King Tide Perk up your pots Rather than search the stores for pots that match your scheme, it’s much easier to just paint them. There are so many colours in the Resene paint collection, you’re sure to find one that works. These are painted in Resene Slipstream and Resene Grey Seal. Also remember to coat the inside of any terracotta or porous pots with Resene Terracotta Sealer before painting to stop moisture leaching through and affecting the paint finish. Resene Slipstream Resene Grey Seal Set down space Shucking off your shoes, parking a hat and scarf, or simply sitting down to admire the garden, nothing beats a benchseat for versatility. It can be a sitting space, or become an outdoor coffee table. This one is painted in Resene Coast. Resene Coast