words Sarah Foy images Jane Dove Juneau Above A grid of stepping stones connects the house and the garage. The weatherboards are in Resene Woodsmoke. Red is a classic colour for front doors – it’s a sociable, warm and inviting colour, and signals the entrance to a house with its bright see-me tones. This is Resene Pohutukawa. Use Resene Enamacryl gloss to make bold front door colours pop. Get the look with Resene Lumbersider tinted to Resene Burnt Crimson. Resene Elderflower paint it right Choose the right Resene products for the job. Dark exterior colours heat up very quickly under the bright summer sun. Ask for Resene CoolColour paints and stains to reduce heat build up in your paint or stain and the substrate. Resene Seashell The best paints to use for exterior weatherboards are Resene Lumbersider, for a low-sheen finish, Resene Sonyx 101 for a semi-gloss finish, or Resene Hi-Glo for a gloss finish. Stain your deck regularly, usually every 2-3 summers, to help keep it protected from the weather. When cleaning decks ready for staining, use Resene Timber and Deck Wash. Avoid waterblasting as it can damage the timber. pottery urn. Stripes of mondo grass pop up between grey pavers that create a path across the grass. Red and yellow hibiscus are planted at the base of the deck. Ponytail palms are among the trees adding height to this area. A west-facing low garden is home to veggies and herbs; in a much higher garden bed, vegetation spills over the edges. Here, alstromeria and rosemary are given free rein. Steps lead back to the deck where the striking leaves of a cycad and three bird of paradise plants make a show in a sheltered spot. The theme of bold foliage and colour continues around the other sides of the house. In one corner, the branches of both a kowhai tree and feijoa arch over a buddha statue, brought back from Bali. At its feet, clumps of grass-like Liriope muscari enclose the ground. Down the side of the house, arching fronds of nikau palms add structure, along with staghorn ferns. Thick healthy clivia boast a range of yellow and apricot flowers. Other shade-loving plants such as hellebores spread across the ground. It is a harmonious and layered garden. The boldness and organisation of the planting complements the strong exterior colours. Combine that with endless birdsong and the knowledge that you’re not far from the ocean, and a sunny, holiday feeling pervades this Oakura home and garden. turn the page for an alternative look for this garden... Resene Woodsmoke 77