Resene Quarter Periglacial Blue Resene Gauntlet Above: The ceilings in the upper floor open-plan living area used to be timber, but 32 litres of paint later, they are stunning in Resene Eighth Pearl Lusta. The old brick chimney was covered in and the walls are painted in Resene Quarter Periglacial Blue. Below: What was once a mouldy cedar exterior has been refurbished using Wood-X oil stain in colour Shale, available from Resene ColorShops. The roof and spouting are in Resene Gauntlet. Resene ColorShops. Along with a roof and spouting now painted in Resene Gauntlet, it has worked wonders. “We’re really pleased with the result, it looks like a different house, not hiding in the woods. You can see it.” The old jade green joinery was also given a refresh in soft cream. Inside, the dark vaulted timber ceilings and solid balustrades had to go. The ceilings in the main living room were brushed by hand using Resene Eighth Pearl Lusta – all 32 litres of it. It was the start of a metamorphosis from woodsy to coastal. Angela has developed such a passion for interiors she is now studying it. Deciding on the interiors for the house was a very personal journey, doing much of the research while on extended sick leave and undergoing treatment. Tim saw the enjoyment it bought her, so he encouraged her to back her choices. She also sought advice from staff at the local Resene ColorShop, who suggested a palette of blues and greys. While the main living room colour changed – it’s now Resene Quarter Periglacial Blue – other colours have been used 48