styling Leigh Stockton images Bryce Carleton Get your glow on By day this cute planter trough, painted in Resene Artemis, and filled with succulents and pebbles looks lovely enough. But when the sun goes down, there’s a surprise in store. The pebbles start to glow, giving your outdoor space that extra bit of magic. River stones were first painted in Resene Alabaster then finished in Resene FX Nightlight, which will soak up the UV rays during the day and cause the stones to glow in the dark at night. Resene FX Nightlight can be used in all sorts of outdoor situations, including on the edge of steps for extra safety. When the lights go out the paint will glow and then softly wane. Resene Pickled Bean Resene Tamarind Resene Rivergum Resene Grey Green Resene Natural A colourful welcome While you’re at the landscape supplies outlet, grab some more pebbles and make your own ombre-effect welcome mat. This one uses a summery palette of whites and yellows, and could easily be repainted to match the season – how about greens for spring and terracottas for winter? Have fun with your own colourways and patterns. This mat uses Resene Turbo, Resene Wild Thing, Resene Moonlight and Resene Alabaster. The deck is finished in Resene Woodsman Iroko stain, the succulent holder is painted in Resene Swiss Caramel and the doorstep in Resene Sepia. Stacks of fun It’s the game that combines fun with strategic thinking… and this giant version of Jenga will take it to another level. The kids will love spending time outdoors with this giant set, made using timber pieces and finished in Resene Waterborne Woodsman stains: Resene Pickled Bean, Resene Tamarind, Resene Grey Green and Resene Natural. Now get stacking! at night Look what you can do with some pebbles and timber off-cuts. take it outside Resene Artemis Resene Alabaster Resene Moonlight Resene Turbo Resene Wild Thing Resene Sepia Resene Iroko Resene Swiss Caramel bright ideas 67