Visit our new showroom at 36 Pollen Street, Ponsonby | 03 317 8044 Left: One of Casey McLeay’s mesmerising nature studies, Green Heads. Bottom left: An untitled work by Nikki-Jean Croad. Bottom middle: An intricate floral artwork, Maybe Today’s The Day, by Natalie Parker. Bottom right: One of Julia Holden’s ‘living canvases’ where models are painted to represent historic figures, then photographed. art inspired Have the days of grand masters in frock coats welding a paint palette of carefully mixed oil paints gone? Probably not, but more and more artists are turning to Resene paints to use in their works. Universally, they cite the reasons for using Resene as being the consistency and durability of the paint, along with the huge array of colours available in affordable Resene testpots. We have featured many artists on the website – see blogs-people – but here are a few examples of artworks that have been created with Resene paints, from wildlife to abstracts. Resene Elderflower